20 Things to be done to bring positive energy in our home.


According to Vastu, clean and uncluttered house brings the positivity to our home. This is the only reason when we clean our house in any festivals like Diwali and Navratri. This increases the positive energy level of the house. The people also gets affected with this positive energy in the house. Positive energy is the sign of person success, peace and prosperity in their life.

Things to be done to bring positive energy in our home.

Things which can be kept in mind while cleaning our house are:

  • Throw all the extra cracked cup plates, toys and jars in the dust bin. Give collected news paper regularly to pastiwala.
  • Change the broken tiles, mirror of dressing table or broken glass of window.
  • If there is water leakage in sink or any tap of your bathroom or kitchen than it has to be repaired on time. It is believed that leakage of tap sends wealth in outward direction. It means out from the home.
  • Don’t keep plastic flowers in your vase of your bedroom.
  • Avoid keeping puja ghar under the stair-case, if it is so then it should be changed.
  • Avoid painting doors and Windows with red or black colors, light colors or white color is most preferable.
  • Avoid constructing toilet in front of kitchen, and if it is there then have a curtain between them and place a crystal ball between them.
  • If electronics items are not working and it should be get repaired in short time.
  • If the slope of land is at North or East then it is the best place to live.
  • If your house is constructed with many doors and windows then positive energy is not stable at your home.
  • Mirror should not be placed in front of your bed.
  • Better to keep your shoes and sandals in your shoes rack. If it is placed under your bed it stops the flow of positive energy.
  • If basement is constructed in South, West or South-West direction then it should be filled immediately. North, East and North-East direction is best for constructing your basement.
  • Avoid having puja ghar in your kitchen.
  • Make sure that you are facing towards East direction while cooking.
  • If it is not possible to make your kitchen in South-East direction then it can be kept in North-west direction.
  • Dark Puja Ghar is the sign of fear from your enemies.
  • Place your Puja Ghar in North-East direction in your shop and avoid keeping things on that.
  • Take care that your doors are not making noise while opening; oiling can be done in some regular time interval.
  • Avoid hanging worn out curtains in your rooms. Replace it with a new one.