An Ad that reveals a Strong Message about Domestic Violence

In the Hindu Vedas and Upanishads, it is always portrayed that “Nari Shakti Sarvopari” means woman power is supreme. She is believed to be great in all manners from love to sacrifices, and knowledge to wisdom. She is bold and strong, very creative and talented. She is the one who can do anything to keep her family happy. We have often heard tales about the women monks, great warriors, or great female rulers’ and their devotion and commitment towards their goal. After doing all the needed hard work they achieved their goals and succeeded.

On one hand we have read many stories to our children about the kindhearted and devoted women like Mata Sita, Mata Anjanee, Meerabai, etc and some powerful warriors like Rani Lakshmibai, Rani Padmavati, etc. and on the other side they see violence at home. Many Asian women have suffered domestic violence once in their lifetime. In India too, from a very young age girls have to suffer such cruelty. Domestic violence is very common in small villages as well as major cities too. The only difference between the two is, in villages it is not secret where as in cities this unpleasant truth of life is always hidden in the name of status and society. And the worst part in both is the one who suffers, one who bears all the pain, one who is assaulted. Women are thrashed, hurt badly by grabbing their hands and pulling their hairs.

This cruelty was depicted in a Bangladeshi Hair Oil Company Ad produced by the Dhaka-based advertising agency Sun Communications. Jui Hair Oil Ad reached about millions of people in just few days. This Ad shows the bitter experience of domestic violence faced by a woman who is at the verge to even let go off her beauty to STOP VIOLENCE. This ad has no manual violence scene, which can be seen in any other short films. Not the film shows any shouting or screaming, fighting, loud voices, bad language, or any kind of arguments which mentally disturbs mind. Instead it takes us to the very heart of the woman, the pain and suffering she is going through, the feeling of misery she is facing. The ad clears all the vision of stressed women who zip locked their mouth and bears violence in their own home.

In this Ad, a young woman is seen waiting at a busy salon for a haircut. She had long beautiful lustrous hair.

“Ma’am it’s your turn.” “Wow! Beautiful hair” said the hair stylist.
“What would you like to do today Ma’am?”
“Cut it short” replied the young woman.
“But you have such beautiful hair, can I trim it instead?”
But the young woman shook her head in denial.
The hair stylist trimmed couple of inches of her hair and asked,
“Is it okay now?”
“Cut it shorter” – the young woman replied.
“Yes” replied the woman.
After cutting few more inches, the hair stylist asked,
“Is it okay now?”
“Cut it more.” said the young woman.
“I think you don’t get enough time to groom your hair. Do you?”
“It will look so much more beautiful if I did a layer cut on them.”
The hair stylist by holding a mirror behind the woman,
“Now it looks perfect.”
The woman gradually lifts her hand and grasps her hair, and says:
“Make it even shorter so that no one can hold it like this again.”

Her eyes were filled with tears and heart broken. Everyone in the salon was shaken to hear that. It is heart breaking but it’s true. The reason which she gives to cut her beautiful hair is very tragic. This simple line reveals all the misery of women’s life.

“Hair, the pride of a woman, let it never be the reason for her weakness”

This Ad gives a strong message to STOP Domestic Violence and to make a stand against it. We are strong women and should always take a stand against any kind of domestic violence, abuse or assault. Whether, it is happening to oneself, any other woman, or even a young little girl, RAISE YOUR VOICE. Make women feel safe at their home, office or work place. Make their life beautiful. Respect them, give love and you will get abundant love in return. Domestic violence has a very bad effect on children’s mind. It happens to young girls as well. They are treated differently than boys in their house and discriminated by not giving them education, locking up them inside the house, making them do all household work from a very young age, and not giving them enough food also. Boys always try to suppress their sisters. They see this from a very young age, and when they grow, they follow the same things with their wife, sisters, and daughters. Its high time now, we need to teach our sons to respect women.