Tips for gardening.

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First time gardening  means a challenge for a gardener to learn many things about soil, plants, climate appropriate for plants, proper light requirement,and many features related to gardening. Planting is just not enough for a gardener but he need to have a proper study of that plant. Because different plants have their different requirements. We do take care of plants, but when we don’t find the good result than we are depressed, so it is good to have some basic knowledge regarding plantation.

Tips for gardening.

Some of the points a new gardener should keep in mind are:

  • Find the type of soil which you have. It should not be hard or clay like. loamy sandy soil is better for plantation. It keeps the roots of the plants attached with the soil and passes the nutrients well.
  • Know your region and know your pH and nutrient’s level of your soil. From this we can get to know that our soil is acidic or alkaline which effects how plants absorb nutrients. Since different plants thrive best in different pH scale.
  • Prepare a plan of our garden to avoid gathering plants in one place. Enough place and proper sunlight is necessary for the plants. It is also important to grow shorter plants in front side and taller plants in back side.
  • Use proper fertilizers in appropriate time interval. Yes, it is necessary to remember the time period of using fertilizer.
  • Water your plants properly. Some plants requires more water and some require less, so according to our plant water it carefully. In the same way some plant needs more Sunlight and some Needs less so be careful while planting plant in our garden.
  • Avoid weeding. Those weeds which grow together with plants share the nutrients of the plant so to avoid it, mulching of is necessary when required. Remove all the bugs which comes near your plant.
  • Be patient and your love and care for the plant will make you a good gardener.
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