10 Best Places in India to Visit During Christmas Time

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Yeah! 25th December is here and I am eagerly waiting for this day from the very beginning of the December month. No doubt the celebrations and Santa’s gifts are always awaited by the kids, but who don’t want to enjoy kid’s life. And yes, who don’t want gifts. For gifts everyone is ready that may be a small toffee from the hand of our loved one in the Santa’s getup.

Christmas always feel colors in our lives, and the glittering lights all over surroundings hides all the darkness with sadness and sorrows of life and present new bright and shiny wonderful life. So to welcome positivity and brightness in our life, we should celebrate it with full joy. Christmas starts from 24th night and it continues up to January 1st that is New Year’s day.

Christmas is just not a festival, it is a religious holiday for some people to get together with family members, relatives, and friends to have fun and exchange gifts with each other. People set Christmas trees as it means a thanksgiving and so everyone should decorate it with full joy and hang stars at home. In India, the Christian population is less compared to other religions, but the celebrations are accepted by everyone because the celebration is a symbol of love. Let us know about the topmost Christmas celebrated places in India:


Goa is India’s small paradise where people love to spend vacation time. This place is not only known for its beaches but also for the old Portuguese churches. Whether the churches are small or big in size, but Goa is a hub for nearly four hundred churches. There is no matter about Christmas celebrations in Goa. Generally, Goa is a famous spot for beaches and food they get more famous during this festive season. We can watch fireworks at midnight at the beaches and the people who attend to watch that works are also performed dances with full joy. The whole old Goa is decorated like the bride or bridal in this festive season. There are plenty of churches to visit and celebrate the festival so everyone must enjoy in Goa.

Dadra and Nagar Haveli:

This place is calm and decent place where pollution is much more away and is gifted with natural climate. If anyone wants to visit Dadra and Nagar Haveli this is the best time to explore because of the city itself ready for the Christmas celebrations. According to the festive mood, it will get ready. The local churches are decorated by the people with full of joy and enthusiasm. This destination has great midnight mass and prayers towards the people. So if you have any plan you must visit this city during this festive season only.


Mumbai is rich in population and also rich in churches too. The churches in Mumbai are well decorated with lights, Christmas trees and flowers and the most attracted place in hill road. The hill road is stunningly got ready with flowers and lights during the festive time. The Christmas trees are placed on the pavement which looks beautiful and adds more beauty. We can see the religious background decorations in churches.


Bangalore city is one of the best festive celebrated locations. Celebrating Christmas in Bangalore is a big deal for people because we all know Bangalore is a wide range of cities and in similar way celebrations are also have a wide range of options which are definitely entertaining and keeps happy. The city has many churches like St. Mary’s basilica at Noronha Road, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church on Cubbon road, the all saints church at Hosur road, St. Patrick’s church on brigade road and so many are observed with festive decoration. The city is famous for the electric environment and everyone must feel a charming experience for the celebrations in this city.


The state Sikkim is always preferred for tourists for the amazing spots like snow, Himalayan peaks, lakes, etc. It is the best tourist place, especially in the winter season. In Sikkim, the Christian population was less, but the celebrations are not less in fact the celebrations add more beauty to Sikkim. St. Thomas the apostle church, the house of grace church, and Bethlehem fellowship church are the popular churches in Sikkim and people organizing prayers during festive time and also decorated with lights and joy.



The state is having with a more Christian population and having countless churches. The houses and churches in Kerala were decorated with ornamental lights and other materials. Small or big, but the churches in Kerala were opened and performs prayers in every church, people who are living in Kerala state they don’t miss to attend church without any proper reason. They all meet in churches and exchange gifts together and enjoying a lot with their celebrations.


Chennai is also having many prominent churches in that the Velankanni church is very famous because more than six thousand of people visit this church on every festive season. During the festive season evenings the clubs, hotels, restaurants, pubs, etc. hosting the parties with great zeal. The Chennai city celebrates the festival in an epic nature and we also observe various types of decorations on the entire city.


Manali is a tourist spot so generally we can observe more people in this place, but in this festive season, that means December has many more visitors. The number of visitor count will be increased with every year. We can experience the layers of smoke here, especially this December month. The restaurants and hotels are welcoming with Santa Clauses, they can also play the famous Kullu folk music. The people in Manali perform a prayer at churches. The churches were decorated with full lights and flowers, but the additional beauty adds with snow.


Kolkata is celebrating the festival as like an own festival. The streets, churches, and houses are well decorated with flowers, stars, lights, candles, etc. The people near the churches went at midnights and perform prayers after that exchanging gifts and greeting cards with each other. They are enjoying the festival with full of joy.


Delhi is always active in performing festivals and rituals. The churches in Delhi were fulfilled with electric lights, candles, and flowers. People in Delhi celebrate with cake and they also do a lot of shopping before the festival arrives. The celebrations have done mainly at the imperial RSVP night club; Jazbaa lounge, etc. are the main attractions in Delhi for celebrating Christmas.

Above is the top ten places for celebrating the Christmas festival with great fun. These are the main but the celebrations are going in all over India with full of joy. All Christians celebrate this festival and exchanging gifts with family, relatives and friends also exchange greeting cards with each other. Church decoration and house decorations are must and should and definitely with candles, electric lights, flowers, and Christmas trees.


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