10 Best Ways to Cure Your Crack Heels at Home

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Always a big question arises in winter, how to cure your crack heels? or What are the home remedies to cure your crack heels? First it is necessary to understand how it get crack in winters. Heels cracks occurs when the bottom layer of skin splits into several part covering the feet area which sometimes get deep and painful to live with. The overexposure of the feet to cool air or might be walking with bare foot on the flat hard floor leads to cracked heels. Dry skin is also one of the reasons to results in flaky feet. This happens due to diabetes, obesity, fungus or any infections of the feet.

Sitting long time stretching both the legs also responsible for heels damage. As it gets in continuous contact with the air which leads to dry itchy skin. So to avoid over exposure to air is a basic remedy to cure your heels. Overworking and standing for a long time may gives stress to our foot and the skin layers get effected. Cracked heels lead to rough, itchy skin. The damaged skin get blocked in blankets or the clothes one wear. Sometimes it gets more severe and results to bleed.

To maintain the skin soft and smooth one need to be very carrying to their feet. No barefoot walking should be continued more. Moisturizing the foot with greasy cream is needed. Proper size of packed shoes is recommended to avoid direct exposure to the climate. Foot massage and timely pedicure are advised to stay away from this problem. few homely remedial steps are shown below to cure your crack heels.

Home ingredients used to treat cracked heels:

1. Use natural scrubber made by the mixture of black gram dal and rice. Add 2 tsp of black gram dal and 2 tsp of rice and grind in a mixture. Coarse powder of both will be appear. Now take 1tsp of this powder and mix it with water or milk to form a thick paste. Rub gently your feet with this paste for a few minutes and then wash it. This is a better homemade scrub with moisturizing content. Keep the extra powder in a bottle for next time use.
2. Mix 2 tsp of honey with ½ tsp of turmeric powder. Apply this mixture to your feet and leave it for a few minutes. Honey and turmeric both are having antibacterial and healing properties. Also honey is a good moisturizing agent. So mixture of these two will be helpful to get rid of damaged heels.
3. Foot massage with clarified butter or cream is also useful to cure with the bad heels. Massage your feet gently with butter and leave is for a few minutes. Now clean your feet with warm water and wear socks overnight after applying a thin layer of moisturizing cream.

4. Foot massage with Vitamin E based oil is also preferred for cracked heels. Regular foot massaging leads to moisturize your dry skin and so it can be helpful in taking care of your feet.
5. Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) is always the first option used to treat cracks. Apply thick layer of Vaseline to your feet. Cover your feet with socks and leave it overnight. This is an easy and effecting way to cure your heels.
6. Epsom salt or vinegar is added to the lukewarm water before you dip your leg inside the water. Then scrub your feet and all the dead skin cells will get removed.
7. Aloevera jel can be applied to the feet before sleeping. It has a cooling and medicinal effect, so your harsh pain will get relief for some time.
8. Gentle scrub your heels using halve dipped in sugar till the sugar granules get melted and then clean and pat dry your feet. This is a simple method to smooth your heels, which can be used daily before bath or sleep.

9. Mix Listerine and Vinegar equally in a bowl and give a liquid massage to your feet. This mixture will fight against fungus and treat your dry and dead skin to turn softer.
10. Make a paste of 1 tsp of milk, 1 tsp of cream, pinch of turmeric powder and ¼ tsp of oil. Apply this paste to your heels and rub it gently. Clean it and pat dry your feet. Alternate day use of this mixture will give relief to your cracks.

Home treatments are always for a minor cracks, but an excessive cracked heels can be cured with medicated healing foot creams which are available in medical shops. One’s feet can be cured by following three steps: Cleaning, Scrubbing and Moisturizing.


1. Take a bucket half filled with warm water.
2. Add raw salt, lemon juice and glycerin into it.
3. Dip your feet in this water for 20 minutes.


1. Gently scrub your feet one by one with the help of pumice stone or scrubber.
2. After scrubbing all the dead skin will get removed again once dip your feet in the water.
3. Now pat dry your feet with a soft cotton towel.


Moisturizing can be done in different ways check out the steps below:
1. Apply a thick layer of Vaseline on your heels and cover it with socks. Leave it overnight and wash it off with lukewarm water the next morning.
2. Apply coconut oil and massage it into your feet.
3. Vitamin E oil is rich in antioxidants, which can be applied and leave it overnight.

By following this procedure within a very short time cracked heels can be repaired. Everyone has a beautiful skin so a good care is important to maintain the skin flawless. So, try these remedies and share your experience with us.



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