10 Latest Curtain Designs Running in the Market

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Curtain is the word when heard than every women feel to decorate their room with some different colors and shades hangings to bring new life to home decor. The one like me always wants some or another changes in room to modify the look of the room. When one decides to decorate room, the first thing he changes is the curtain as the whole interior of the room depends on the good choice of curtains. check the latest curtain designs running in the market andchoose your curtains according to it.

Curtains have been used since ancient days only for the purpose of partition in the room or protect from outer sunlight. But this becomes the major part in interior and it has been seen in different variety which varies from cloth material to colors. Nowadays people are more aware of variety of fabric material used in making of curtains. Also they are more familiar about the different style of hangings.

Not all windows and doors are same so there are different curtains suitable for small and large windows. Actually it’s an art of decorator or curtain maker who play with the fabric materials and put into different style according to the room so as our room appears extraordinary beautiful. You must have noticed that many women are not satisfied with the simple curtains available in the market so they use marionettes, mirror hanging in one layer or some even fix teddy bear in the middle of the curtain for closing option.

So it’s on us to play with extra decorations to curtain cloth to bring new look with new decorative idea. So let us check modern, beautiful and latest curtains designs which are available in the market with pictures, paints, embroidery designs in different patterns.

Eyelet curtain:

Eyelet curtain pattern is for simple and sophisticated look. These curtains are hanged from one side on a metallic rod. Eyelet curtain are usually seen with uniform folds of fabric on the top to down. This are stitched in colored or printed bar at the top of curtain cloth and the remaining curtain is kept plain. This also gives elegant looks in only single color which is now in running trend.

Tab top curtain design:

Tap top curtain design is a trendy design in present days. Top of the curtain is rolled and tabbed with a button at the front part. This pattern used two colors suppose the whole curtain is in dark color then the border is in a light color. If the curtain is in light color then the border is in dark color. Solid colors are used for this pattern of curtain cloths. This tap top curtain design is in simple appearance but gives modish look to your interior.

Landscape curtain design:

One of the latest curtain designs are Landscape design. Nature loving people like this curtain very much as this curtain is made up of cloth printed full of landscape designs. There are many designs such as design of waterfalls, flying birds, sunsets, big trees, rivers, etc. which can be seen hanging in the room in the form of curtains. This curtain cloth gives freshness and liveliness to the home.

Pencil pleat curtain design:


Generally, pencil pleat curtain designs are used for living rooms. As per the name this curtains are found fully plated at the top bar of the curtain. This curtain is hooked at every three inch of gap from its back. It looks like layers which add more beauty to the living area. This is commonly used curtain found in every third house.

Box pleat curtain:

The curtain cloth design is having rectangular box pleats at the top. The rectangular pleats are added in small size and cover only at the top of the curtain. This pattern of curtain cloth is in one color and the pleats part is in another color or make it with same color cloth also. As per the need, you can select but this rectangular pleats pattern is most beautiful and gives grace to the room.

Lace overlay curtain design:

The lace overlay curtain design is a really pleasing one. In this type of curtain lace is stitched on the top part of the curtain. This can be attached straight or curvy waves pattern. This type of curtains looks nice in light colors. The curtain is stitched with plane cloth inside and outside there is white lace fabric attached to the entire curtain cloth. The lace fabric follows floral painting or designs. This curtain pattern gives honorable look.

Transparent curtain design:

Among the latest curtain designs, Transparent curtain designs are light weight. The curtain cloth having transparent nature means a light weight and fine material cloth is used to make curtain of windows and doors. The entire cloth can be fully printed or plain but it should that much fine material to draw light. An overall curtain gives impressive effect and more brightness to the room..

Rod pocket curtain design:

Squeezed stitching is done at top of the curtain cloth. Approximately half inch of cloth is stitched in back making pocket to insert the rod in it. This very old, simple and classy pattern with no more tailoring work needed. Usually this type of pattern suits for a broad vertical line with dual color curtain cloths. Both light color and dark colors are used for this pattern.

Metallic curtain:

Metallic curtains are in shining appearance. Generally these are used at in party or theater or in any show to attract people. It is available in silver, gold, copper or metallic in color. It shines so nicely in party lights when stitched with metallic sheen fabric. It can also be stitched with nylon polyester or satin cloths which are having shiny appearance.

Multicolored curtain design:

Another latest curtain design are Multicolored curtain design. Multicolored curtain cloth is unique design which is mainly used in the balcony area or in living area. This pattern adds a dignified look. It is simple in look with a combination of two different colors dark and light plain clothes. Also two sides plain and in middle vertical lining, chex or printed cloth curtain is hanged to give different look to the room.

You can find various designs of different materials in the market as per the need. Just select with some specifications like fabric, color, length, and height how much suits to your window or door. Also, choose the correct type of curtain cloth and rod that should bear its weight. Measure the size of your door and window based on that you can buy the cloth. A curtain plays a major role in interiors today. Everyone has own choice with their own ideas. Varieties of themes are also liked by children’s and elders, which can also be applicable. So before planning to change curtains, search and go through different shades, colors, materials and designs of curtains.

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