10 New techniques to look younger after 40

Look Younger
Look Younger
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Definitely women always wish to look more young and beautiful and I say women are in itself a definition of beauty. But what about the growing age effects on the skin and body. A woman passing by 40 finds her skin stretched and gets wrinkled. Lines are formed on the forehead and face loses its softness and skin becomes rough and pale. They use homemade remedies and also switch to exercises to remain fit.

But many other techniques are also available which can be helpful under the suggestions of experts. For this, they have to consult with the best Dermatologist or Cosmetologist who can use different new techniques to maintain oneself.

Look Younger

The ten new techniques are shown below:

  • Botox: Botox is an injection given in the muscles to get rid of wrinkle skin and stretching of skin. The effect of this injection is not for whole life as it has to be taken again after some time interval. These injections are taken between the ages of 30 — 60. It costs approximately 8 to 12 thousand rupees for one sitting.
  • Fillers: This is one type of injection used to cure wrinkled skin and provide tight skin. This injection is given on the top surface only and this does not penetrate deep as Botox injection. Fillers also help in balancing the shape of your face.
  • Laser Therapy: This therapy is used to remove dark stains from the skin and also used to cure dandruff. This one is also useful for removal of unwanted hair from the face.
  • Liposuction: Normally after the age of 40 the fat level increases in the body and the shape of the body changes. So, to maintain figure and remove the fat from different parts of the body, this treatment is used. Extra fat around your stomach, thighs or any other part is melted with the help of certain injections. This treatment is not painful so women with extra weight should try this.
  • Skin Polishing: Our skin get affected by different means like stains, pigmentation, sunburn, pimples, etc which results into dull and rough skin. To avoid all this and get beautiful glowing skin, skin polishing is done. This process is carried out from microdermabrasion. In this process small crystals are entered onto the dead skin to cure them. Normally this treatment is used on face, neck, back and on hand to bring your beauty back.
  • Oxygen Infused Skin Therapy: Supply of oxygen in every part of the body is very necessary as it gives healing effects to the body or we can say to the skin. In this treatment oxygen doze is given inside the skin which helps to gain the healing process against dark circles, dark stains and provide us a new young skin. To undergo this process micro needling jet is used.
  • Brow Lift: This is the process to shape the eyebrows. In this process the Botox injections are injected to the muscles around the eyebrow. Eyebrows which are bent downwards are uplifted and proper arch is given in very less time.
  • Skin Lightening: Skin lightening is the process to get fresh and glowing skin. In this process doctors decides which method of skin lightening is to be applied on the basis of your skin type. Topical cosmetic, chemical peel or laser is the three methods of skin lightening. It is a long process and it takes approximate 4 to 5 sessions.
  • Antiaging: This therapy improves all physical condition of the body. With the help of this therapy, walk and postures are changed and work capacity is increased. It also treats wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven skin tone on the face.
  • Laser technique: Laser techniques are used for removing unwanted hairs from their follicles. This process is completed using high energy of laser light. This process takes seven to eight sessions to get rid of unwanted hair from their root.