10 silly mistakes you must have done in your life.

Say yes if you have done these mistakes
You all must have done silly mistakes in your daily routine life and have learn a lesson from that. Remember those mistakes and be aware that you don’t repeat any such kind of mistakes.

  1. Forget the key: Sometimes we are locking the car and forgot the key inside the car or forget the key inside the scooter dicky. Worst situation to face is when you forgot the key inside the home or unfortunately when the room is locked when small baby is inside.
  2. Forgot your wallet: This is a common problem that you are facing. When you are going out for cash withdrawal, bank, mall for shopping or somewhere out and in a hurry you forgot to take your wallet or sometimes beautiful women while changing their purse take another stylish clutches and go out..
  3. Forgot important papers: What happen when you are going in a passport office for making passport or going any other office where you need any other important document and you forget the important papers to take?
  4. On/Off your gas button While cooking you must have switch on the gas and after cooking while taking out the bowl you have forgotten to turn off the gas. In this case I can share my own experience as one day I forgot to lighten up the gas and kept the cooker on the burner and waited for 15 minutes to cook. When I can’t hear any whistle for long time I realize then that I forgot to turn the gas on.
  5. Left open your light: While going on a long tour, someday you must have forgotten to switch off the chandeliers, hanging lights which will make you worry all over the trip. Or sometime after gardening when you on your garden lights but at night you may forget to turn off.
  6. Forget important information to reveal: If you are out and you get the message that your guests are coming for dinner at home and you forgot to inform at home. Same thing can happen in office hours, you might not be sharing any important topics to the clients which is to be disclose.
  7. Wear unusual cloth: While dressing in a hurry you might be wearing different shocks in both the legs. Don’t laugh guys this is the situation come with anyone who had more work load and does all work in hurry or cant spend time for himself.
  8. Shopping unnecessary: Any important thing is needed and you go out to buy that and you forget the same one and bring unnecessary things at home.
  9. Forget to turn off electric appliances: This is again a common problem we all are facing in daily life. Weather it is geezer, light, fan, tv or AC we forget to turn off that and move out for any planned outing.
  10. Forget to wish people: This is the major problem and you all must be facing this. If anyone’s birthday, anniversary or any other occasion we know and you do have reminder on our smartphone but then also you forget to wish him.

These are little things you know very well but you cant manage to remember all the time. More work pressure and stress in your life will make you to forget more things. There is nothing big to deal with this only to manage all with your time. Give more time to yourself and avoid working in short time. Keep space with everything. This can be deal with proper planning your schedule and early rise from the bed.