5 Beads Normally used to make Rakhi Beautiful

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Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan is one of the famous Hindu festivals which were celebrated in different parts of India. It is the great bond between brother and sister with the vow of protection and showing affection and love to sister. This festival was observed on the full moon day in ‘Shravan’ month in the Hindu calendar. On this special day, the sister ties Rakhi to his younger brother or elder brother to his wrist with a prayer that her brother wants to live with full of happiness and prosperity. In some regions, the Raksha Bandhan is also called as ‘Nariyeli Poornima’. This festival symbolizes sister love towards his brother and brother gives a gift and a promise that ‘I will protect you and be with you in every tough situation’.

Sisters are having very much excited to prepare or buy a Rakhi for his brother to tie on his wrist at the time of the festival. She arranges chocolates or sweets of his choice, Wear new clothes and perform the ritual in ‘Shubh Muhurat’ so that her brother remains happy and live a prosperous life. The main thing in this festival is to tie a knot of Rakhi on brother’s wrist and so Rakhi should be the special one. So all sisters spent a lot of time in choosing best Rakhi for their brother. So here we are going to know five best bead Rakhi threads to celebrate the festival.

  • Crystal beads
  • Rondelles beads
  • Pearls beads
  • Gemstone beads
  • Shamballa style beads

Crystal beads:

Crystal beads are made with leaded glass. You have observed many colors and many shapes in crystals. Crystals are having high shine compared to other beads. The Rakhi which is made with crystals was looking very beautiful and mostly all sisters would like this. Crystal rakhi is definitely adding beauty for brother’s hand. Generally, these crystals are also used in making dresses for wedding and special jewelry. We can also buy a bunch of crystals with different patterns based on our wish and need to prepare Rakhi at home.

Rondelles beads:

Rondelles beads are just looking like round beads but more compressed than a round bead. These beads also available in all colors and completed all finishes. They look like a round bead and having shine. It is also used in making of jewelry. By adding these beads while preparing Rakhi will give more prettiness for that thread. Most of us loved these beads and the Rondelles thread rakhi’s are looks pretty. So sisters should try this Rondelles bead Rakhis for your brothers. You can also make Rakhi threads by using these beads as your own and you can also extra things to add more beauty for that thread.

Pearls beads:

Pearl beads are round in shape and have different colors. But original pearls are usually in pink and peach color which we found in seawater and in freshwater. The natural pearls are stays in shells which are developed only in saltwater. Pearls beads are used jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings for figures, etc. These are very famous in jewelry. We also find off white or light creamy color beads in the market. The Rakhi made with pearls are most beautiful than others. We also see glass pearls those are just like crystal beads but some difference in their shape.

Gemstone beads:

These beads are available with imaginable shape, size, and color. You can buy any texture of beads depending on your taste. The gemstone beads are also used in making jewelry because it has a lot of shapes which are perfectly suitable for pendants or locates. The designs and appearance of gemstone beads are very familiar with all. The hundreds of gemstone beads are having different names based on their shape and color. The Rakhi which was made with gemstone beads are very looking very colorful because we found these stones in beautiful colors only. This gemstone bead Rakhi’s are preferable for everyone.

Shamballa style beads:

Shamballa style beads are very famous in their history. These beads are having different colors and each color has its unique meaning and unique purpose. These beads are mentally connected with emotions. These are very special and precious for every person. These style beads are made with clay and closely together with crystal stones. It looks like a stone ball. It will attract easily for every eye. These stone beads are easy to prepare and stunning to wear. For Rakhi threads these stones add complete beauty. These are the most preferable Rakhi threads for every sister.

These are the beads mostly used while making Rakhi. You can buy rakhi’s with these beads or you can prepare with own thoughts. All these are available everywhere some these available in the online market also so that you can buy easily from your home or office. Sister had a lot of affection and love towards his brother so decide yourself for which you want to buy or prepare and make this Raksha Bandhan day is very special. Show your love and affection your brother by tying Rakhi to his hand and expect returns his blessing for a lifetime.


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