5 Best Nail Polish For Office Wear

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Nail polish colors are always eye catching and draw attraction between numerous people. Their bright shades and patterns are all amazing and cool, but when the question arises to office wear, you get confused. One who is very particular about her look also wants a perfect professional look in her office. For an office look one is always searching decent, neat, and very pretty attire with perfect nail paint, handbag, and appropriate heels means the best outfit of every business woman as a daily lifestyle.

Most of the woman’s are crazy for nail paints and they love to decorate their nails in different ways, but sometimes it is possible and sometimes it is not. if your job requires formal dress code then you are bound to limited options. But where dress code is not necessary you have many options to try for better appearance. Here are some of the best nail art designs and ideas which I am sharing with you, follow the one which you like most.

  1. Natural Gradient:

Those who like classic looks they definitely choose to wear nail polish in natural shades. Keep clean your nails and apply semi-transparent pink color as basic coat. Take another white color nail polish to apply it little on some sponge and dab it on nails. Dab it from starting to the tips and gradually increase the pressure while dabbing the sponge. Repeat it to all nails finally you can observe a beautiful effect. Natural gradient nail polish is for decent look, best nail polish for office wear.

  1. Original French Manicure:

Fresh manicure is quite easy for everyone. This style needs two different shades. Let we assume white shade and black shade nail color. Apply white shade on your nails as basic coat and add black shade at the nail tips for each finger. You can also use gold and pink shades in place of black shade. Apply it for all fingers and it works for both long and short nails.This type of Nail polish is very much famous in collegian girls experimenting with different shades. It is also a best nail polish for office wear.

  1. Floral Prints or Paints:

Add more beauty in your everyday office life by applying this floral print or paint to your nails. This style needs 2 or more shades in both bright color and light color. Apply light color nail color to all your nails first later add create small flowers and leaves on two nails with bright colors. Start from the nail starting point of the nail and drag it to the tips for a gradient look.

Just add any two nails from one hand apply it as same for another hand. This style gives you more beauty to be careful while choosing colors to this style.

  1. Golden Geometry:

You have studied here once that means you are learning some geometrical shapes. Take 2 or more shades and start learning drawing.  Start with center and middle finger draw a small triangle (looks like v shape) at the base of the nail and fill another color on remaining nail here we are highlighting triangle shape so use 2 different shades with both bright color and light color.

  1. Now draw another small triangle on the ring finger and use opposite colors to the middle finger.
  2. Apply one solid color to your index finger then add like a half moon shape at the base of the nail.
  3. Add one large dot on pinkie nail with one color apply another nail color for remaining part of that nail.
  4. Paint single color to the thumbnail that’s enough to this style.
  5. Here the triangle and circle on the pinkie nail are filling with gold color only.

5. Glitter Nail:

Paint each nail with different nail colors by the combination of bright color and light color. Add glitter only for ring finger or pinkie finger remaining nails paint with different shades. Add base paint to the ring finger or pinkie finger then dip the wet nail into the glitter jar or bottle and roll the finger slightly by that the glitter distributed the nail equally.

These five nail polishes are very feminine to wear office. Because it adds professional look by these nail colors and designs you are able to attend board meetings also. Nowadays there are many kinds of brands in nail colors and we get all kinds of colors from those brands. Nail color adds a great look to your nails so that you did not stick for one color try all colors and try to follow different decorating ideas when you are free. Somebody is experiencing fun while choosing colors and applying them.

Beauty is a woman’s nature and each woman think to grow that in that way nail polish adds beauty to your outfit. Working women are generally avoiding nail polishes because they think it does not look good for formal dresses. Come out from those thoughts because here we know about various nail polish arts or designs and those are completely suitable to wear office and it gives formal look too.

So wear nail polish and make sure that apply a clear top coat to all nails once you finish with it. Nail polish is definitely a simple and best accessory and it could be complete your outfit.


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