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5 Different Cake Toppings to Decorate a Delicious Cake

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Many people will attend birthday parties and most of them will get attracted to the birthday cake. Because cake is the sweetest dessert which is particularly baked for special occasions like marriage anniversaries, functions, birthdays etc. Almost everyone celebrates their birthdays in present days. Birthday definitely includes cake to cut and celebrate the day. It has various varieties and categories but I am defining here about five different cake toppings: Chocolate mint, Fresh fruits like orange wheels and mixed fruit berries, Sugar flowers and butter-cream, Rainbow color jellies, Candies with different shapes. By including all these toppings we can make an amazing cake from a plain cake.

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Decorating a cake usually involves the butter-cream to cover around the just baked cake and top of the cake and then add some extra things to tone that. Sugar flowers gives extra beauty to the cake it is added at the corner side of the cake as we want like a bunch of flowers or else single flower.


Chocolate candies add most of the attraction towards cake because we can observe different shapes and angles in candies like animal images, symbols, letters etc. We can add those shapes based on our occasion. We can make the cake a single layered cake or a multi-layered. Multi-layered cakes are mixed with different flavors like vanilla, strawberry, chocolate etc choose the flavors preferred by the person. Multi-layered cakes are made for special occasions because each layer are filled with frosting that has unique taste and when we cut the piece of cake it looks amazing.

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Jellies are having different colors and it brings look to the covered cake with cream. Assume that we have rainbow colors in jellies and they applied on top of the cake and around the cake, it looks like a rainbow comes down on the cake. Mainly children’s will love to eat jellies as well as they love the jellies on the cake also we are selecting rainbow colors so it adds attraction to the jellies. Kids like to eat that one and become eager to cut the cake by seeing it.

pic: https://www.chowhound.com/recipes/easy-berry-butter-cake-19063

We can try another topping that is fruit berries we also include fruits while decorating the cake. Mostly in wedding anniversary celebrations and any small parties with elder people I will suggest fruit toppings. All of us know about orange we cut the orange in the round shape it looks like a wheel the orange wheels we put around the cake it adds prettiness. Strawberry slices are also added on top of the cake and decorated around the cake. Strawberry red is a beautiful and attracting color definitely it suits to any flavored cake. But all the toppings would be small in size and harmless to health why because in birthday parties’ kids are eagerly waiting to eat the cake after finishing the cutting if any topping will make a disturbance at the time of eating by their size and sometimes it may affect to small kids while swallowing it.

Kids get attracted to the toys like fish, Mickey Mouse, dogs, Barbie dolls and teddy bears. We would make that all by using the toppings. Chocolate candies are having different shapes and symbols by using those and jelly’s we can make all the stuff. We can also make the entire cake as a doll. The cake is often arranged with candles by using special holders and the candle arrangement is related age that means if five years baby birthday means we arrange five candles. Based on some party themes the birthday cake will get prepared.
Birthday or any other celebrations are always full of fun and joy when there are kids around. And to make a celebration more memorable, a well decorated cake as well as it’s taste is all that matters.

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