5 Top Beaches in Southern India

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The color blue has been found by an amazing quantity of individuals to be related to feelings of peace and calm. When it comes to observing that amazing nature is exactly at the beach. When holidays comes nearby we need plan a trip. For a vacation plan in summer Southern India beach are more likely to visit. Here are 5 top beaches of Southern India.  We can observe famous islands and ‘Top Beaches in Southern India’ with beautiful trees.

The southern part of the country is the place of wonders, having charming places and beaches with plush green backgrounds and coconut groves. You can observe one thing in poetry or in any painting the writers and artists are using the beach. Just imagine any painting you look that is with the blue color of water with waves and green trees background with full of peace that is amazing. We have top south India beaches which make the day memorable and exciting with full of joy.

Marina beach at Chennai:

Marina beach is the natural urban beach running along the Bay of Bengal with a distance of 6km from near Fort ST George in North to Foreshore Estate in South. It is the second longest beach in the world situated in Chennai of Tamil Nadu.  It attracts thousands of local people and tourists from all over India so it also known as most crowded beach in India. It has many food stalls, shops, and memorial statues to attract people. It has India’s first fish aquarium which was made in 1909. It also has track for morning lovers for walking. It also has lovers spot where people love to spend time with their loved ones. As it is a big place different sports are been played here like beach cricket, kite flying and Pony rides. One can reach the marina beach through roads, railways, and airways.

Rama Krishna beach at Visakhapatnam:

RK beach or Ram Krishna Beach is also a long beach on the Bay of Bengal located at Vishakhapatnam in Southern India. It is centrally located main beach in Vishakhapatnam (Vizag). It is named from the Ram Krishna Mission Ashram situated near the beach. People have a great attraction for beautiful sunrise and sunset view. Sunbathing, swimming, camel riding and volleyball playing are the main attraction of people.  Not only tourists but the localities too visit the beach to enjoy the wonderful moment in early morning or at evening.

Kanya Kumari Beach at Kanya Kumari:

KanyaKumari beach is one of the 5 top beaches in southern India. The beautiful and peaceful Kanya kumari beach attracts with their multi-colored sand. During your visit to this place do not forget to watch that. Another popular attraction at Kanya kumari beach is Vivekananda rock and Thiruvalluvar Statue. The scenery gives a complete charmer to the Kanya Kumari beach. The beach is located at the confluence of three water bodies; Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. There is golden sand overwhelmed by shimmering of waters.

Mahabalipuram Beach at Mahabalipuram:

Mahabalipuram is one of the famous beaches in Tamil Nadu. It has a wonderful site seeing that attracts thousands of tourists every year. Temples, caves, and historical monuments are some of the famous attractions at Mahabalipuram beach. People love architectural work and especially visit o know the history of Indian culture. This sandy beach is around 58km from Chennai and famous for architectural wonders.

Paradise Beach at Pondicherry:

Paradise beach is located along cuddalore main road, 8-10 km from Pondicherry. It is also known as plage paradise and chunnambar. The Dolphin viewing is one of the best attractions of paradise beach. Anyone can enjoy swimming here but that is only allowed near the shore. Boathouses are another attraction here. We can observe the chunnambar resort their which is famous for fried rice and fish Manchurian.

Beach is a place that everyone can go for and enjoy with family and friends. Children’s have more attraction towards the beach for the enjoyment they like to swim and play with the beach. Some of us think as the beach is a place for relaxation because it is naturally quiet and peaceful. If you ask the majority of the people will say one of my favorite spots is the beach.

A couple walks by eating some nuts and sharing words with each other is an excellent moment for everyone does not miss it should be desired by all. One can go to a beach to get away all troubles and tensions. They just look around the beach and get relaxed because it is very peaceful. Not only to see you can hear the wave sound also and that is the ultimate relaxation. Beach is not only for relaxation just feel its beauty also.

Morning walk at the beach is a really wonderful moment because sunrise is visible at beaches so by seeing that beauty continue the walking with fresh air, wave sounds make the mood very peasant. Some of us are doing evening walks that are also very pleasant. Sunset is most wonderful at evening time.

Most of the families are planning about some picnics especially in holidays. Children’s have more enthusiasm to visit beach. Mostly boys go to beaches with their friends to play cricket and volleyball on the beach. If there are any resorts near the beach that more helpful and joyful. Some of the beaches having lighthouses gain more attraction. Present day’s beach fest is a famous thing some of the region is conducting where youth, children’s, and elders are also participating in that event. It could be two days or three days but the enjoyment is much more for everyone.

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