5 Top Memorable Indian Novels with Great Message to Readers

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Books are a bunch of knowledge containing all practical, imaginary and intelligent stories but when one says about a novel, it is a collection of all these with one’s interest. Every person chooses a novel of his taste to read and get entertain himself, to keep his mind active, to improve memory and gain knowledge. Reading a novel is an addiction as when one get interests he doesn’t want to keep the book until it gets over.

But the tough task is to write a novel which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Writing a novel is an art where novelist pours his thoughts and feelings in the novel. Firstly he has to follow some order to write the story which he is clear about. Next, he has to create or choose the characters which are suitable for his story. Most of the difficult thing is arranging characters and tags properly for the story. You can have fun and more also. Some story having comedy lessons with moral those are very helpful to feel free and fresh after reading those novels.

In India, we have great authors who write novels warmheartedly. In their novels, there is deep meaning and moral so that many people gets inspired and are still inspiring for youngsters. Here we discuss topmost five novels of India which were published in this decade.

  1. The Guide:

This extraordinary novel was written by R. K. Narayan in 1958. The Guide is explained about the story of Rosie and Raju’s journey. Raju falls in love with Rosie but she is a married woman her husband’s name is macro. Raju family also not accepts Rosie but he did not change his opinion. Rosie is a dancer but she is no encouragement before. After Raju’s familiarity and his encouragement make Rosie has a great dancer and she wins more popularity.

Narayan was explained briefly in his novel “The Guide”. The novel is an amazing product from the author everyone should read and learn the moral and summary in it. Those things are definitely useful. Movie Guide was released based on this same novel which was a great hit.

  1. River of smoke:

The novel was written by the author “Amitav Ghosh” in the year 2011 on 18th June. He is an Indian novelist and his novel “The River of smoke has received many positive reviews from people”. The novel is famous in historical detail. The river of smoke is written in the narrative style it shows knowledge and political judgments. If anybody read this you should definitely obey that the amazing work of historical fiction and I have ever read this type of novel.

If you have more knowledge you can gain the ability to face any situation and easily tackle any challenge from others. By reading and knowing things are quite better for your great future.

  1. The Far Field:

A novel “The far-field” is written by the author “Madhuri Vijay” in the year 2019 on 15th January. “The Far Field” is a young woman story. She is searching for a man who left her mother’s life. She started searching from her home city urban Bangalore to Kashmiri mountain village. Her journey was beautifully explained in this novel. Madhuri Vijay has explained greatly about the girls love towards her mother and the relations. So must read this novel without any hesitation here is a great moral.

By reading this type of summary of books people can improve their mental stability and should know about love and relations towards others.

  1. A Suitable Boy:

A novel “A Suitable Boy” was greatly written by the author “Vikram Seth” in May 1993. The story is situated with middle-class families. The main theme of the story is surrounded by Lata Mehra’s marriage. Lata is a university student and experiences some pressure from with for marriage purpose. This novel has wonderful insights and stories for people. By reading this book users have to know how to behave and to decide. This novel is especially recommended for the people those who are looking for marriage and it would be useful.

When you read a novel your focus and attention will get increasingly more and more. Novel reading is a good habit to make it habitual daily. If you are having a peaceful mind you will be fine with your decisions without any wrong steps. It will be possible through reading novels.

  1. In Custody:

This novel was published by the author “Anita Desai”.  The novel is about Deven who is teaching Hindi to college students. He has more interest in learning Urdu and loves Urdu poetry very much. Murad is Deven’s friend and an editor of Urdu magazine. One day he gives a chance to Deven to take an interview of Urdu poet. Later, he met a great Urdu poet “Nur Shahjahanabad” on his friend Murad’s advice. His journey is greatly explained by the author in this novel.

Novel reading is recommended for everyone because we have many benefits behind reading books. Enjoy every moment while reading them and be as a spark. It makes you smarter than before. You can come out from your mental stimulation. The brain requires exercise to keep it healthy and reading is the best exercise for a brain. Studies also said that reading novels and playing games are found helpful for the brain to stay strong.