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6 Best Wall Decorating Ideas

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Today the trend of decorating the walls is in great demand especially when you always have something new and unique styles for decorating the house to create that attractive ambiance. No one is interested in that old fashioned decor with dull colors, whether the space is small or big, perfect interior decor is available to suit your needs. The demands are so high that sometimes is a challenge for the decorator to give his best output. But the higher the demand, the more is the creativeness. Yes, who ever thought in early days that paints too have their own theme? From last two decades the wall painting styles have brought an enormous change in them. People were fond of the accent wall, where one wall is painted a different color than the rest of the walls in the room. Also wall decor style has changed over these years. Initially, the walls were cluttered with varieties of decorative pieces and photo frames but today a simple art piece with light on the top gives the simple yet elegant look.

Some of the Best Wall Decorating Ideas to highlight the main wall of the room are:

  1. Wall Paints: Wall paintings are always the first choice for wall decor. Wall paints covering the whole wall gives a clean and attractive look. You can also try any geometric designs using tape and wonderful colors to make the wall attractive one. Try creating an accent wall by using your favorite bold colors on one of the walls which make your room pop up.
  2. Wooden Wall: Wooden wall or wood wall decor gives a touch of an antiqued and rustic style to the entrance or the living area. You can go for the wood paneling in one of the walls to give a modern and trendy look to your room or you can use wood wall art to decorate the wall. Wood wall art is available in different designs and styles.
  3. Photographs: Collage is a wonderful way to capture all the beautiful moments of the family. This has been interesting to everyone to cover one wall with number of pictures. This can be done with black and white theme or colored theme to give artistic look. Children’s room can be decorated with large photos or different photos of their childhood.
  4. Wall Paper: This is an old version but modernized with new styles. Wall papers are available in variety of designs; some also gives 3D effects which gives your room a better and modern look. If you try one wall of your main room designed with wall paper then it would give a different look.
  5. Wall Art: Wall art can range from bold and bright colors to warm and light colors. Depending on your choice you can choose from abstract art, modern art, and traditional art. You can try simple art with one or two colors to highlight your wall like beautiful scenery, waterfall, design of a plant with butterfly, flowers, animals, or cartoon designs for children’s room or a huge sun, or any freehand design whichever you want to try. You also can try traditional art or metal art pieces on any of the walls. If the room is not being enough, try decorating one of the walls with mirror and it will enhance the size of your room.
  6. Lights: Lights play an important role to get eye catching decor. Wall lights focusing the main art piece, wall paintings, photo collage is a must to highlight the picture from the wall. Lighting also gives an extravagant look to the room with different shades and colorful Led lights.

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