6 Reasons, Why Our Kids Should Freely Play In Mud?

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Toddlers are too small to justify good or bad. Only they find typical ways to get fun. It may be making different faces in front of mirror or stepping up and down on staircase. They too love jumping on bed and sofa set, running around pillars, throwing things on the road, etc. Usually it is found that they are very much connected to water and mud. Leave your child free near bathroom and give a watch on them. In no time they will reach to the tap and open the tap, or they will play with the bucket water. Splashing water is good fun for them but worry for Mom. Definitely it is the matter of worry for a Mom when kids get fully wet and in no time caught in cold and cough. But what we can say when a kid play in a mud.

Kids playing in a mud are always seen overjoyed. This has a big question for Mom to let them go out or not? But there is no need to worry. Today Doctors too advice to let the kid go out and play in a mud. Playing in a mud is to go closer to nature and it will always be favorable for the kids. There are always plus points and minus points in every game. Here too mud playing has many positive aspects with some points to be taken in care.  Let us see how playing in a mud is useful for them…

  1. Close to Nature. This generation is totally running behind smart phones. No kids now play with games but they need smart phones for rhymes, cartoons etc. this lead the kid near to technology but away from nature. Technology is a must but Nature is a divine truth and it is always the best.
  2. Development of body parts. Kids when playing outdoor games and that too with mud they make use of his each and every organ to throw mud with his full force, to lift mud up by bending his body down and making it straight, he constantly jump in it and all these gives his muscles best exercise to build up their body parts.
  3. Brain development. Today’s toddlers are seen more busy with Smartphone than elders, as this is the only mean left for the Mom to keep their child sit quiet. Constant busy kid with smart phones use his fingers more than brain but when a kid get engage in outdoor games he uses his more brain. He get the power to judge, he meet with other kid and make friendly relation, learn new things each and every day. He learns to judge the things correctly.
  4. Learn Creativity. Mud playing games brings close to creativity as the kid can learn to draw different shape, he built different structures, imagine different concept of building houses, temples, offices, dolls etc and thus grow their thinking powers. This will surely help in their future life.
  5. Better immune system. Due to over hygienic conditions kids are kept away from dirt. So the kid is habituated to the surrounding they are provided with and not to the real surroundings. Thus they get allergic to weather, sun, dirt easily. Some bacteria available in our surroundings are helpful for the body, so the kids do not get exposure to different bacteria and get weak immune system which leads to asthama like disease. So microbes present in soil can help kids become stronger and disease resistance.
  6. Sound sleep. Some kids are night lovers. They get more energize after the whole house get to the bed. So for them this activity is helpful as they feel tired after their physical mud play exercise so they may sleep early at night.

Educate your child with natural things and keep them close to nature. Today whole World is aware of the benefits of nature. Children’s educational sites like “let the children play” also encourages nature’s love among children’s. Also many institutes organize mud game competition for toddlers as a sport activity.

Note: Playing in a mud is a natural game but then also parents should have regular watch on it. Check the condition of the soil in which your kid is playing. Check the place where there is no place for any insects. Let your kid to go out in mild sunlight. Check whether the kid is just playing and not eating mud.



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