7 Keys to Achieve Self Confidence in Yourself

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What is Self Confidence? 

Confidence is derived from the latin word ‘fidre’ means “to trust”. It means ‘to believe in yourself’ or ‘to have trust in yourself’ can be said as your Self Confidence. It can also be said as your inner reflection on the particular things, which might be straight and clear or might be unknown or less interested.

If a person is perfect in any particular thing then he will be very self confident about that and if he is unknown to it or having less knowledge then he is not confident in doing that. So your self confidence is totally depends on your ability and your inner power to accomplish any work. You know very well, your strength and weakness and have the ability to handle failure at any stage of life.

Signs of Low Confidence:

Confidence is dim in some cases and some people shines with that. Low confidence can be in a person brought up in a lonely environment. A person living alone or in unsupportive situation may have problem with people gatherings. One suffering from lack of self confidence does have this signs:

  1. Questions on his own abilities
  2. Fear of facing critics
  3. Judge himself and compare with others
  4. Avoid eye contact with others
  5. Twist fingers or turns anything he have like pen, paper.
  6. Worried about his failure

It is necessary to boost your confidence to get the height of success. You never realize the effect of low confidence at earlier life but when time passes you get depress in facing situations. It is hard to change your attitude but not impossible. Here are seven keys to lead you towards confidence.

Keys to achieve Self Confidence:

  1. Love Yourself:

No looks neither your body texture can figure out your ability. You can be defined only from your work, thought and communication with others. If you are under self complexion of your looks than you can never give your best to others. The only thing can shine up you in the crowd is the love for yourself. You be with your own words, with your own thoughts where you could not have any confusion.

  1. Search your talent:

Many people don’t even know what are they good in? They never realize or notice their talent and just live a busy life with the boring routine. End of the day they have nothing to cheer up and their tiredness and their low self esteem takes them towards low thoughts. Every person loves something and is good in. So first search what are you good in and find your talent.

3. Make a Goal:

Set your goals and move accordingly. Whether it’s your business deals or any social events try to push yourself towards achieving success in your goals. Try your best but do not expect always to be perfect. It is not possible to gain perfection every time. So be happy on accomplishing your goals.

  1. Fight with your Fear:

Be ready for any competition weather personal or professional and never say no to hide yourself. The competition may be at your social presence or business goals they are the fears which are letting you down. You have overcome your fear and prove yourself better each day.

  1. Healthy you then better you:

Stay fit and fine. When you are fit and healthy then you feel better to present yourself in front of others. If you are unwell then you will lower down the spirit of facing any obstacles coming in life.

  1. Reward Yourself:

Notice your progress and reward yourself for your achievement. When you complete any goal then go behind and think of your hard work and your sacrifices you did to complete it. Feel the strength and praise yourself for the effort you have done.

  1. Present yourself best:

No need to give a best look for others but for boosting your inner confidence look best. Be always positive towards yourself and communicate properly with others. Express your feelings and your needs properly.

It takes time to change one’s self but nothing is impossible if one accept him as he is and try to overcome his lack of confidence. The feel of you are the best works better. So trigger yourself to turn yourself a new one. ‘Self Confidence can lead to achieve Success’ but having ability to accept the failure is also a sign of inner power.





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