7 Unique Ways to Express Your Love on Valentine

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Valentine’s Day is known as Lover’s day which shows that Love is still alive and is celebrated on February 14th of every year. This day is specially meant for sharing your loved one your feelings and present them with beautiful gifts. Feelings towards each other can be expressed through words but your words become more special when it is connected to gift. Here are different valentine gift ideas can be followed.

So expressing thoughts can be done in different ways such as presenting roses, greeting cards, gifts etc. To make the day more beautiful and memorable, plan some unique gifts for your Valentine, as the thing you create yourself becomes more special than the thing you purchase. If you are confused about the creation, then don’t worry I’m here to help you out with my ideas.

Greeting Cards:

Greeting card is always evergreen valentine gift idea mostly used by all. As February starts every gifts shop like hallmark, archives, get their beautiful collection with cards. Select the best one to present but when you truly love someone then try more creative and unique.
Make a handmade greeting card to impress your Valentine, so that your thoughts and feelings can be expressed without a single word.

Let’s start the procedure by taking a thick sheet. Stick some photos of you and your partner on the sheet and then write some love quotes or your feelings next to it. Also, take a red color sheet and cut some heart shape symbols. Stick these Symbols on the main sheet randomly. Hence your handmade greeting card is ready.

Also you can stick varieties of collection of the things which your partner loved. Decorative items are available at stores you can check it out. More memorable can be when you try to put your first meeting story through painting. It’s all about your partner’s choice what he/she likes.

Red Roses:

Valentine gift idea without a thought of Rose is impossible.Irrespective of gender, everyone likes Roses and red colored roses are the most attractive of all on Valentine’s Day. Being the symbol of love, it is the most common gift between the Valentines. So, buy a bouquet or pick some red colored roses from your garden or a flower shop and tie them. Then gift it as a valentine gift to your partner.

Rose bouquet or presenting simple rose can become more special from the way you present it. Hand to hand given bouquet can turn out to be more simple else when it is presented on special trip, restaurant dinner or with chocolates. If you’re loved one is your partner than you get more chance to create surprise by placing it in his/her wardrobe. More you can create hidden chits and ask your lover to reach to your valentine gift finding chits.

Couple Gifts:

when thinking of Valentine gift ideas how we can forget about couple gifts. Couple gifts are nothing but couple shirts, couple watches and couple rings. Imagine a day with your partner having the same shirt, same watch, and the same ring. Excited right !!! So pick any one or all the three and present as a Valentine gift to your partner.

Here you can say your shopping is examined. A perfect shopping will bring you in focus in party when you are together. But if you are creative then you can learn simple small paint or stitch that looks good in both men and women T-shirt. You can order some creative collection check out your tailor’s master piece.

Jewelry is the one that comes always special. So you can order couple rings for you both or you can give order to create unique with your selected design.

A Personalized Calendar:

Gift a personalized calendar having various photos of you and your partner for each month on the calendar. Also, it should consist of some simple love quotes such as you are my life, Destiny joined us together, Love you Forever, you are the source of my joy, etc.
Your pictures will recall some beautiful memories of you two and your partner would love to remember that.

Calendar is the one thing that is seen every two days to check the date and note any important things in it. But it is mostly presented to a desk worker. Means the one whose work is more on table and chair, and not the one who travels or move around.
Lovely couple pictures with beautiful quotes, brings more closeness to each other. And if you are that smart to create something different than go on for your own handmade calendar.

Surprise Date:

Couple outing is normal and you both get ready together and plan for a movie, dinner or party is what usually everyone does. But plan something creative, call your loved one with any excuse like you have to go to friend’s house or join any relative gathering and call in your first meeting place. Be ready with cake, chocolate, a gift, or some beautiful roses. Have a dinner together or present a beautiful love line or love quote by singing, telling or messaging. That comes out to be more romantic.

Candlelight Dinner:

Plan a candlelight dinner with your loved one. Don’t rush for any restaurants; just arrange everything in your house. Decorate your dining table with balloons and candles. Make or order your partner’s favorite dishes and arrange all the food that you have prepared in a simple and elegant way. Then light up the candles and switch off the lights. Now call your love to the dining room and cut a cake. After that serve the food and you too join with your partner. Nothing than this can be a wonderful dinner right!!! Just go and plan for the big day.

Long Drive:

This must be an adventurous ride on valentine day. We all know that start of the day is most important and as well as end should be more exciting and everlasting. So, plan for a night ride with your partner on bike. Bike ride at night, that too with partner is a romantic and a thrilling moment which should be experienced once in your lifetime. Or long drive with melodious music and some crunches in the car comes out to be wonder experience. So, plan for a better end of the day too.

Don’t put lots of efforts in making gifts; just put your unconditional love so that everything works out well to impress your loved one. Any way you choose just remember to add all your love and feelings to it. And in case your plan doesn’t work or you are too busy and couldn’t arrange anything, then please don’t get depressed. When you love someone unconditionally, your partner will automatically understand your feelings as when Heart connects with Heart, Love appears.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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