A Green Garden in our Landscape

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Women always love to see their home with a beauty of colorful and attractive look of the garden. It may be with the indoor plants, their gallery garden, hanging garden, terrace garden or landscape garden. They are happy to have a different appearance of their home using gardens. Big or small doesn’t matter but the only thing that matters is GREENERY. Greenery gives a cooling effect to eyes, provides shadow with big plants, give a good appearance to our home. So, why not to plant greeneries around our home.
Landscape gardening is the tract of beautifying our land area with the plants of our choice. Our interest makes the area photogenic. This is the era of selfie’s and if we get a natural background in our selfie’s then we definitely would love it. Landscape gardening is filling colors on land or we can say that giving pictorial effect on land. It can be said that Landscape gardening brings nature close to us.

For Landscape gardening some basic points we should go through are:

  • It should not be overcrowded with plants and the entire land area should have enough space to appear a large area. It should look spacious with enough space.
  • Choose different types of plants and different colors of the plant to give a coloring effect in the garden.
  • Big plants and trees should be grown in the border area or with an appropriate planning in a huge place. Architect advise is a must for huge landscape gardening.
  • Go through the details of plants nature, their water requirements, their light requirements and arrange the plants according to that.
  • We can have an extra gadget like swing, hanging chair, fountain, and decorative lights.
  • Planting creepers on the wall is also one of the good options for decorating our place.
  • Having a proper water supply arrangement to the plants is a must.

Enjoy having a beautiful garden where we can spend a good quality time with our family and friends.


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