A Holiday Planning with your Pet!!!

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Travelling with your pet would be good for you both. Travelling is the best way to bond with your pet. He will give you the best company and make you laugh. Your paw-some travel buddy will get more exercise, which in turn makes them better-behaved pets. More importantly, animal buddies teach you about the simple joys of life. Moresha Benjamin – the founder of Moe’s Bed & Biscuits, offers pet home boarding, pet sitting, training, behaviour consultation, and dog walking services. She fosters almost all animals. She believes that travelling is a type of learning that gives your pet a chance to expose itself to different places and its surroundings. They will feel the change in terms of smells, textures and sounds. It helps them to see the outer world and its beauty and to adapt to varied places and circumstances outside of their comfort zones.

All animals love outdoors. Dogs are friendly and easy to adjust when it comes to travelling and it’s easier to find the destinations and activities that welcome them. Cat’s become uneasy and stressed out by unfamiliar surroundings, as they are private and territorial animals. But they can be taught to travel by starting early.

Some Do’s and Don’ts for a perfect holiday with your fur-friend


  • Keep in mind your pet temperament before you get packing.
  • Visit your vet to ensure that your pet is healthy enough. Consult them about the mandates of foreign countries, a list of vaccines that need to be administered, and certificates that need to be carried.
  • Carry your durable crate, approved by IATA (International Air Transport Association) for your pet, with enough room for it to move, plus space for blankets, toys, water, and food.
  • Invest in a poop scooper and maintain hygiene.
  • Always leash your pet whenever in public. It might be a well-behaved pet but don’t forget that they are being exposed to a completely unfamiliar place, and you might not know what the relevant pet laws are. Don’t forget to give them some free time at Pet Parks, so that they can run free, socialize and make some friends.
  • Always ensure that your pet has an identity tag with a name and your contact number on it.


  • Don’t travel with your pet if it is ill, injured, pregnant, prone to motion sickness or overstimulation, or tends to get physically or emotionally upset with its routine being disrupted.
  • Don’t sedate your pet. Instead, get them exhausted with a long play session before putting them in the crate.
  • Do not carry pets in the bed of a pickup truck or in a cardboard box. Opt for a carrier or canine “seat belts”, which are easily available at pet-supply stores.
  • Travelling with your pet in public transport is not always possible. So if possible, prefer your car when travelling with your buddy pet. This will be convenient as you can stop where ever you want.

Make your holiday one of the most memorable one with your loving pet by just making few plans ahead of your travel. Happy Travelling !!!

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