A letter to My Dad in Heaven..

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Hi Dad
Oh..I never thought that I would be writing a letter to you when you are not here. I don’t want to be formal I just want to shout loud that my words go beyond the clouds and reach somewhere in heaven where you are. I want to say you Dad that you had thought us everything that was needed for a good life.

Something extra I learnt was from your behavior which was so calm that I had never seen a part of anger or use of any harsh words in any tough condition.

I learnt from your joyful nature which had always spread happiness around us. I still remember the day when I got admission in a college and the joy was seen on your face.
And the two lines you sung for me are unforgettable.

Still I remember how I was fighting with my brother and sister to go out with you and those secrets that I had shared with you.

The love you had showered on us was up to infinite level and I had to miss it for my entire life. This is the only thought that shakes my heart, but up to now your blessings and teachings have worked well.

Every Fathers day first was a celebration for me. Now I feel this day an empty day. It is not that I feel sad and wait for the day to pass. I cheer my son to plan something new and creative to surprise his father. I remember you but I know you are with me. As every single day when I sit for my prayers and close my eyes a slight reflection of your image comes first.

Many times your words comes out from my mouth and I used to say yes if my dad would have present then he will surely utter this words.

But one thing you forgot to show the darker side of life, death, tensions and pain are also the part of life. You were so strong that you had handle every situation alone handed and not let any negativity comes towards us.

That was so great of being your daughter who had seen a happy simple and loving life. But the first pain I felt was when I lost you.

Though a long time had passed that you left us and we are all living our happy lives but your blessings can be felt in our deep heart.

Your showered love flows in my veins which always encourage me to live a quality life with good thoughts, friendship, loving and caring attitude.

Thank you, God for giving me such a loving Dad. Though not with me but I feel he is still with me.

Love you Dad.


Trupti Bhatt

Extremely enthusiastic about writing, reading, movies and food; though not necessarily in that order! A Feminist by choice and finds comfort in giving 'gyaan' from time to time. Would love constructive feedback on my writing as I am always looking for ways to improve!

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