A story of a self-dependent women!!! – Part 2

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Continued from “A story of a self-dependent woman!!!”

Jyoti was very kind and understanding. She understood the real reason behind all this. She decided to help her mother in law to overcome her loneliness. The next day she got an idea at work. She finished her work early and left by 5 pm from her office. While going back home, she bought some sweets for dessert. Jyoti reached home and made dinner for both of them. Vaibhavi wasn’t aware that Jyoti was home as she was in her room. She was sitting in her balcony and watching the kids play badminton on the roadside. In some time, Jyoti knocked the bedroom door and said to Vaibhavi, “Mom, come lets have dinner together.” Vaibhavi was shocked to see her home before time but she didn’t speak a single word and nodded her head as if she is coming.

Jyoti arranged the dining table and served the dinner and offered Vaibhavi her favorite sweet. To make the surrounding pleasant she also played some old songs on television so that her mother in law could enjoy. Vaibhavi couldn’t stay quiet as she eagerly wanted to know why was Jyoti doing like this. She finally then asked her, “How did you come home so early from work? Are you going on some business trip and need to catch a flight?” Her questions revealed her sadness of being alone.

Jyoti understood that she is just like a child that feels alone when her mother goes out. She is going through the same emotions. Vaibhavi was not looking for her son’s company but she needed Jyoti as she is the one who is more close to her and spends more time together. Vaibhavi is not able to express her thoughts and feelings to Jyoti as she doesn’t want to put Jyoti in any kind of bond. She wants Jyoti to live her life in her own way and spread her feathers around the sky with the colors of love and affection with everyone.

Jyoti simply replied by saying, “I was done with my work before time so I thought I’ll come home and rest.” While having dinner, Jyoti realized that Vaibhavi’s diet is almost half of what she was eating before. She could hardly eat anything that night. Her tastes were almost changed and she had given up her favorite food. Jyoti realized that it has been late to understand that her mother-in-law needs her all the time, as she was more important than her son. She thought to change her daily regime and that started the very next morning on the breakfast table. Jyoti waited for Vaibhavi and they both had their breakfast together after a long time.


Jyoti had to compromise a little either with her family or with her work. Today she could not make it on time to office. She was running 20 minutes late but was feeling happy that she at least tried and made an effort to lessen the difference between both of them. During lunch time she called Vaibhavi and asked what she had for lunch. She also told her maid to take proper care. Vaibhavi noticed the difference in Jyoti’s behavior and she also tried to please Jyoti with her good behavior. Jyoti started taking her to the Charitable Trusts where she works and explained her how they help elderly, poor, orphaned kids and women empowerment and gender equality. She asked her to join the club to remain busy in helping others.

Gradually, Vaibhavi started changing herself by getting involved in the Charitable Trust. She was happy with the change. Her happiness reflected on her behavior too. All she needed was love, care and company which she got through Jyoti. And what Jyoti needed was peace at home to relax which was fulfilled by Vaibhavi with her calm behavior. And in some time, the differences were resolved and they both enjoyed each other’s love and support.

It is very important to understand the people around you. Small changes can bring peace and happiness in our house and family and even society. If you take one step further for the betterment of your relationship than the other will also try to understand you. Everyone lives for oneself, but try living for others. It will bring immense happiness & pleasure to you. A small act of kindness can bring a huge change in someone’s life.


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