A thought brought change in my life!

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That was the day when I was sitting on the window and looking pictures of my old albums when one photo from the album was blown down on the floor. That was a lovely picture of my dad and me. The most loving moment when I got the admission in college, he was very happy and showering me the flowers of love from his heart. Who knows that this one be the last moment of my happiness with my father which was captured in the picture. I missed my dad the most loving and caring dad. Don’t know from where the clouds of darkness arrived in my house but after than life did not remain as beautiful as that was before.

This is how I went in the past recalling that wonderful moment when my son came to me and snatched the album from my hand. I shouted at him and scolded him for not behaving well! It was something very touchy to my heart and as roughly he snatched it from my hand was unbearable for me.

He left the room and went in the hall, I was angry but soon after I had a thought in my mind. That thought change my life. I was brought up with so much love and care by my parents that I had not heard a single hard word from them, scolding and shouting is too far to reach me. This thought brought tears in my eyes. In my life, my parents and specially my dad always had his soft voice and his polite nature towards me but I am doing exactly opposite to that. Instead of using harsh words I must have explain to him saying “this picture is important for me and this album is not only the past memories but something more close to my heart” than he would be able to understand. But I reacted wrong and that actually hurt my child. He was small so he was not in the state of mind to understand the feelings of our loved ones not with us but I can make him understand.

A single thought of my past life with my dad made clear to me that only loving and caring our child is not enough nor fulfilling their wishes are enough for being a role model for your child, but… to act properly and behave properly is also important. Children are always innocent and they learn everything from us. My shouting nature and rude behavior can disturb his mind and soft-spoken words would make him sincere. “It is hard to play the role of mother” as lots of love can make our child dependent on us and strict behavior create distance between us. I thought to improve my style. I started bringing softness to my nature. I tried to follow my dad’s path-“Always to be Positive, Always to be Clear and Always spread Love”. This change in my life brought change in my son’s life and he too become positive towards everything.


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