Akshay Tritiya

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Women’s always love shopping and when it comes for jewellery shopping they are more excited and keep more time to search the best for their collection. But shopping imitation jewellery and Gold jewellery has a huge difference. Not only because vast money difference but for the long term safety difference. For Gold jewellery purchase Akshay Tritiya is considered an auspicious day rather than Dhanteras or Diwali.

Akshay tritiya is also known as Akha teej in Gujarat and Rajasthan and Akti in Chhattisgarh. This the holy day and also considered as the lucky day for buying Gold and silver jewelry. Every woman is waiting for this day to rush to the jewelers shop.

Akshay Tritiya.

This day is celebrated on the third day of shukla paksha in the month of Vaishakh. This day is considered an auspicious one as it is the birthday of Lord Parasuram- the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. So it is said to be the lucky one to start new business, construction or to buy gold or land.

Mostly Gold jewellery sale is expected to rise on this day. In earlier years people bought coins and that trend is shifted to buy light jewellery.

As there was a long strike of jewelers in last year market gold purchases were less which is expecting to get rise this year. Gold prices have risen around 4.5% this calendar year, to a current $1279 an oz in the international market. The bullion price in India closed on Friday (April 21) at Rs 29300 per 10 gram, while last year on Akshaya Tritiya, it was close to Rs 30000 per 10 grams.

Buyer going to purchase gold jewellery should check the hallmark signs which ensure them with the purity of Gold. A hallmark includes karat, stamp of BIS, year of hallmarking and jeweler’s identification mark.

Akshaya Tritiya is also called Navanna Parvam. Akshaya Tritiya falling on a Rohini star Monday is considered more auspicious.

Before going to jeweler’s shop the buyer should check the current rate of Gold according to their purity. In a big jeweler’s shop it is displayed but in small it is not.

Negotiate with the charges as the gold rate is stable but the rate of labor cost may vary. Machine made jewellery had low charges than hand made jewellery.

Jewellery attached with stone and diamonds are more costly than the original gold jewellery but in that case it is difficult to confirm the purity of stone and diamonds.

Gold is purchased for long time investment and for the purpose of security. So, it would be safe to know the resale value of gold while buying.

So, Women’s go in the shop and buy Gold jewellery after checking every point for your satisfaction.


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