Pongal is a four-day Hindu festival that falls in the month of January celebrated to honor the Sun God and Lord Indra in helping the farmers for a better harvest. So it is also known as an Indian harvest festival. This festival signifies good wishes, wealth, abundance and property. Pongal means “to boil” in Tamil […]

Tips for Good Dental Hygiene

Hello readers, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. Today I have a question for you? Will you guess the answer? What’s the first thing that attracts in a person with a glance, voice, or smile? Yes!!! Your guess is right; it’s our beautiful smile which gives a heart touching warmth […]

Ranveer and Deepika love Journey

Hello guys, today I’m here with an interesting topic which made me so excited to share with you and that is none other than our bollywood stars Deepika padukone and Ranveer Singh, the most stunning actors who were bound themselves with a most auspicious marriage knot on this 14th in Italy. This lovely pair is […]

Celebrating Diwali – The Festival of Lights and its Significance

Diwali is widely known as the festival of lights which represents the victory of good over evil and falls under autumn season every year. It is also known as “Deepavali” which is specially celebrated by Hindus. Other than Hindus, Jain, Sikhs and Buddhists also celebrate this festival with great cheer and joy. All the four […]