Bamboo – An Eco-Friendly Home Decor Material

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There are remarkable talents seen in the world and some had come from our ancient time such as the unique and artistic creations seen in the handicraft items. Talent in dance, music, singing, sieving, cooking are simple and natural but when it adds some creation in it then it brings to history. And such creations are nowadays also seen in decorating houses. Ideas have air and it blows very high to get peaceful satisfaction. Such a satisfaction is brought in interior by using bamboo in house. Bamboo is used as decor material.

Bamboo plays a major role in Feng-shui as keeping it is considered auspicious which gains the flow of positive energy in the house. But beside that many craft items of bamboo or itself bamboo sticks are used in decorating house. Thousands of handicraft items made from bamboo are used in home or restaurant to get eye catchy look of the room. Some are painted and some are left natural. So we can say that bamboo is an ongoing wooden plant which is used for decorations in home and restaurants.

Bamboo gives modern look to the interior and attracts the customers with its naturalistic look. It is not only important to serve the best food for customer but to provide good environment is the duty of the hosts. So where there is love for nature there is the use of natural products. Portraits, flooring, shelves, panels are the major items of bamboo used in the house.

Bamboo is used as an co-friendly material so using bamboo objects or products are safe. Bamboo grows faster while compared to other wood trees in the world and it grows in any climate whether it is a cold area or hot area. It is also able to produce more oxygen than most other hard wood plants.

Many of the women’s choose the bamboo products to their home decorations because it is safe to their children and make more attractive for their relatives and neighbors. Everyone search for stylish and modern designs for their home interiors following that they also choose healthy materials. Both are possible with bamboo products it gives modern and stylish look and healthy also.

Some wooden chairs, stools and doors are need fertilizers or pesticides to avoid bacterial and fungal from our home. But bamboo itself having anti-fungal nature, anti-bacterial and anti-pest nature. Bamboo is a tree and it will adjust in any of the climate it doesn’t shrink and stronger than other wood.

Living room decoration plays a major role because relatives, friends or a neighbor visits our home they stay in living room only. So every woman thinks that to keep living space very neat and attractive to others. Bamboo lamps, muddas, baskets, can be arrange in shelves or bamboo poles can be kept aside at the corner and filled with some flowers with some additional LED lights to highlight the room

As discussed above bamboo is a plant it does not require any fertilizers or pesticides. Very simple maintenance and it is possible to grow a bamboo plants as interior. So it is good thought to grow bamboo plant in interior as it requires only some amount of sun light. Most of the nature lovers would like to have a fresh air every day after growing this plant, which is a healthier choice for one.

India is having the second place in these bamboo resources. China is the main place where bamboo is developed. The north eastern part of India has huge amount of bamboo resources. We can locate Assam as the main bamboo resource station. Assam produces maximum amount of bamboo for various regions and countries. More than 50 species of bamboo are observed in India.

People can estimate the art and creativity of the Indian people by the bamboo products. Bamboo is having high demand over world. The annual turnover from bamboo is above nine thousands cores to the country. The demand for bamboo products in India very high in future it will get increased. It is profitable to grow bamboo plants which less investment. Making of bamboo products is also easy compared with other wood.

In rural areas it is always loved but in urban areas it is seen as an innovative idea with a new creation in decorating home. When people fed up of looking same type of furniture and decoration they bring this to have a change in their interior. Bamboo sticks are easily cut with simple tools and also fine strings are cut with it. These strings can be mold and woven with the rope and different pieces are formed manually which are easily available in the market. India, Pakistan, China and Japan are the countries having major use of bamboo products.



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