Being a true friend

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It was almost a week after her Mom had passed away, but to be normal was hard for Tanya. Each and every moment she would remember her Mom. She was missing her mom terribly.

Tanya was back to her routine life. She was in deep pain and was trying hard to overcome from it. She tried to concentrate on her work and fulfill her assignments but was barely able to function.

Tanya went to hospital to finish the leftover formalities. She thought of meeting Aditi as she was very much sympathetic to her. So, she went to Aditi’s cabin. She was about to knock at the door but she saw that Aditi was in some deep thoughts. She was looking stressed out. Aditi was different, she never worried about anything instead she faced the problem courageously. Tanya knew that Aditi is trying to deal with some major problem. So, Tanya entered the room and asked her, “Aditi, I know that something is bothering you. I have never seen you inattentive. If you feel like, you can share it with me. May be, we can find a solution to your problem.”

Aditi was in such a dilemma that she had no other option. First, she hesitated, saying, “Tanya, I don’t want to trouble you. You are already facing a hard time.” Tanya insisted so Aditi had to speak about Razia. Aditi was as close as to Tanya as she was with Rishi. She unveiled Razia’s issue to her. Though Tanya was going thru the worst phase of her life, she thought of helping Razia. Meanwhile, Aditi received a text message from Razia, “Aditi please help me. Save my baby. Junaid is planning to kill my baby. I am at City Park.”

Immediately Aditi and Tanya got into the car and drove fast to reach the park. The park was not very far from the hospital. In about 10 minutes they reached the park. They both looked for Razia in and around the park, but couldn’t find her. Razia was very scared. She was hiding herself behind the Neem Tree. Somehow Aditi & Tanya found her. They brought Razia to Aditi’s home as park was not safe. Razia was heartbroken and shattered. By this time, Razia had lost all her strength and was in depression. Tanya gave her some water and tried to calm her. She was howling as she is facing so many problems.


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