Being lonely

HOPE Changes Everything
PART 17:Being lonely!

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Junaid was rushed to the nearby hospital. He was unconscious after the accident. He received the treatment in no time and his life was saved. He broke his leg bone and was hurt on his head. He was kept under observation for 2-3 days. Next day, around 9 am the doctor came for a visit in his room. Junaid asked, “Doctor what happened to me? How did I come here?” Doctor replied, “Junaid, you are alright now. You met with an accident yesterday noon near the hospital. We tried calling your home but no one answered. These wounds will heal overtime but for now you have to take complete rest.”

After sometime, the doctor sent a message to Dr.Aditi, to come and see him immediately. Aditi was scared thinking what might have happened again. The doctor who was treating Junaid was none other than Gautam. He told about the accident to Aditi, and even said that, “Now you have to tell Razia about Junaid, because I don’t want her to get in any kind of stress. Since yesterday no one has visited him, he is feeling lonely.”

Aditi gave a call to Mayra, “Mayra, can you bring Razia to the hospital?” “What’s wrong Aditi? Why suddenly you want to see her?” asked Mayra. Aditi said, “I’ll tell you everything once you both come here.” Razia had many doubts in her mind on her way to the hospital. She kept asking Mayra what the matter was, but Mayra too wasn’t aware of anything. And in some time, they both reach the hospital.

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The first thing Razia asked, “Is my baby alright Aditi?” Aditi calmly replied, “Yes, your baby is just fine. There is nothing to worry now, he is alright and soon he’ll walk. Dr.Gautam is treating him.” Razia & Mayra ask her, whom she was talking about. Aditi replied, “Its Junaid. He met with an accident yesterday near the hospital. But now he is better. He will be discharged in 2-3 days.” Hearing this Razia couldn’t control her emotions, and tears rolled down her cheeks. She insists on meeting him.

Junaid gets shocked seeing Razia in his room. He asked her, “You? Why did you come here? Please go away.” Razia said, “I haven’t come here to go away. Why didn’t anybody inform me? And where are they?” He replied saying that his parents have gone to pilgrimage. She knew that he is alone since yesterday and there is no one to look after him.