Best 5 Ideas to Surprise your Valentine

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Valentine’s Day is a very special day when you express your feelings to your loved one. You show all your love and affection to the very person in your life by doing sweet gestures which will melt their heart right away. And to make it more special and memorable, you present them beautiful roses and gifts which are always loved by all. Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and many of us might have already planned ahead to celebrate this day with the love of your life. But do not worry if you haven’t decided anything yet, we got you some best ideas to surprise your valentine.

Restaurant Dinner:

Sometimes having a little private time with your partner is really important to grow the love in any relationship. What can be better than having a dinner at your favorite restaurant? Take a break from your daily routine of cooking and book a table for just the two of you. But as usual, on this day all the restaurants and even cinema halls are packed. Your last minute plan can fail miserably and you might have to spend hours waiting in a queue. How boring and annoying that could be? So, try calling the restaurant and book a table before a day or two. Share your plan with restaurant manager and he will help you and provide you special services. He can also manage to hide your gifts, flowers, and a cake and present at the right moment in front of you. This will make your day and make your partner happy too.

The next thing you could do is to arrange the dinner table at home in a surprising way. Let this day be a special one in all manner. Cook a special meal with your own hands that is loved the most by your partner. Serve it in a most romantic way you could think. A homemade dessert and a bottle of your favorite drink would be the icing on cake. Remember not to make yourself tired while cooking a lavishing meal; better opt for couple of dishes which are not time consuming yet delicious. The best part should be the two of you spending quality time with each other.

Gift a Memory Box:

You can make a gift box and fill it up with all the beautiful memories you share with your love. This will refresh all the precious moments when you and your partner spent together. Fill it up with your handwritten poems, a collage of all your old pics having two of you together, or telling 100 reasons why you love your partner. Add some chocolates to add the sweetness. You can also arrange some of your partner’s favorite souvenir in a box and decorate the box with beads and hearts.

Decorate the room with candles, balloons, and some roses:

The love of your life will be surprised to see the room decorated with beautiful scented candles all over the room. You can also bake a cake to show your true feeling towards your partner. Balloons and roses will enlighten the room and fill the air with love. Spread some rose petals around the room to feel the romance. Any occasion be it birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day, is incomplete without chocolates. So place some chocolates or you could also get some chocolate covered strawberries for your valentines with a handmade greeting to show your love.

Play a treasure hunt:

Play a small game with your dear darling. Hide some hand written love notes and gifts in your room and keep clues at different places to search the gift. The curiosity will definitely increase among your partner and he/she will be more excited to search for the gifts. Everyone loves surprises, don’t you? When you give gifts willingly, you don’t expect anything but just love in return. No matter how big or small the gift is all that matters are the feelings behind it.

Plan a visit to the place you first met:

Yes, this could be really romantic as you will go back the memory lane from where you first started your journey. Refresh all the beautiful memories you had from that first date of yours till this very day. Tell you love all the wonderful things you both had together during your journey and cherish those moments forever in your heart.