Best Places to Celebrate Dandiya Raas in India

The current famous festival in India is Navratri which is celebrated with a great zeal of about nine days. Literally the word Navratri consists of two meanings, the first half ‘Nav’ means nine and the second one is ‘Ratri’ that means night. So it is basically a nine night’s festival. The goddess Shakti is having nine different embodiments like Durga, Bhadrakali, Jagadamba, Annapoorna, Sarvamangala, Bhairavi, Chandika, Lalita, Bhavini, and Mookambika. Based on regions Goddess Shakti will be worshipped with these nine names the main attraction at this most lovable festival by people is dancing. This festival was celebrated in various places in India and celebrated especially with Dandiya Raas. Mostly the festival was celebrated in Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Kolkata, Mysore, Varanasi, and other.

Dandiya Raas was played with two decorated pair of sticks. In Dandiya, dancers will form as two circles, one is an inner circle and outer circle, one circle moves in a clockwise direction and another circle is in the anti-clockwise direction. Both the inner circle and outer circle dancers make partner each other and playing Dandiya Raas. Different types of techniques are involved in this Dandiya Raas those are five step technique, seven step technique etc. But mostly five step technique will be followed by the people.


Ahmedabadi’s eagerly wait for this festival and they make preparation from two to three months before. they join Garba classes for two or more months, make ready their costumes that too nine different for nine days. Here mostly Women in wear Sarees or Cholis at festive time and Mens wear Dothi and Kurta those are their traditional dresses. But at famous party plots, traditional dresses are made compulsory and so Men wear Kediyu and Women wear Chaniya Choli.

In the Ahmadabad YMCA club, Karnavati club, club 07, sports club, Rajpath club, Cept College, HL College, NID institute, Akash Aman party plot, Blue lagoon party plot, Amiraj party plot, Adani Shantigram Society and so are the main attractive festival places for people. Dandiya Raas will perform with the local people the music and dance vibration brings a lot of fun to everyone.


We all know that Mumbai city is having a huge number of people and all are busy with their works. But they all enthusiastically celebrate Navratri with lot of fun. There is no gender variation during festive days, especially in nights while dancing.They must wear traditional dresses at the time Dandiya days in Navratri. Women wear, Ghagra Cholis, embroider blouses with mirror work on it. Men wear Kurta-pajamas, and turbans to the head.

Basically Mumbai is a hub for celebrations, but in the hub many sub-channels take part in the Navratri festival to celebrate. Main sub-channels are Kora Kendra ground at Borivali, Somaiya college ground, Goregaon sports club, Chandan Kunj, which is known as Malpani ground, Hockey ground, and so.


Delhi is also celebrating this festival with great zeal. Traditional wear in Delhi for women is Salwar Kameez with Dupatta and traditional Churidar with different variants and the latest fashions. At present women’s in Delhi wear sarees and Ghagra Cholis with different shades of embroidery work. Menswear Kurta and pajama or Sherwanis.

Some usual places where were the people celebrated most are kingdoms of dreams, Pandora park, metro walk mall, and so. At festive grounds, we will observe food courts, handcraft stalls. People who visit the festive grounds must enjoy these stalls.


Bangalore has been the coolest city ever. But on festive days the city is turned as very hot and vibrant because of the people showing their keen interest towards every festival. This city contains people from different places for studies and for work. So for them it is the best part for enjoyment. Here the Kanchipuram and Kanjivaram silk Sarees are the most popular traditional wear for women and all Men wear Lungi paired with Angavastram.

This celebration always held in MLR convention center at Whitefield, Durga Parameshwari temple grounds, hotel royal orchid, play arena at Kasavanahalli. These are the main areas where people celebrate the festival and beat the Rhythm more energetically.


Pink City in Jaipur is the most attractive place when the festival going on. In festive season lot of stalls with food, dresses, etc. are observed here. One can enjoy live concerts, hot air ballooning scenes and many more. Ghagra choli is the traditional wear for women in Jaipur. The full length multi-colored Ghaghra Chol is designed with different beads or lace on it. The ladies in Jaipur covered their face with dupatta and wear lakh bengals sets. Embroidery work on cholis was most attractive. They mostly prefer bright colors like yellow, orange, or red. The angarkha, pajama, both are the traditional dress for men they also use turban on the head.

Sanghi farmhouse, entertainment paradise, Kanchan Kesari, Pratishtha banquets, Kalaneri art gallery, heritage village resort are the main places of celebrations in Jaipur. Jaipur is famous for ‘Raj Mahals’ (palaces) and so the old regional unique styles are observed at Dandiya Utsav. Also Mansarovar housing board and Hotel Clark Amer is famous for Navratri celebration.


Kolkata has its own rituals at festival time. Here Women in Kolkata wear Bengal wear sarees and mostly they wear white saree with a red border made with cotton during in the festival. Men’s wear pajama or dhoti usually made of cotton or silk.

Before a week of Navratri, the idols of goddess Shakti are being prepared and painted except the eyes. On the day of Mahalaya eyes are drawn on the idols this is the sign of the welcoming goddess of the earth and this ritual is called Chokku Daan. At Bigbazar, college square, Kumartuli Park, Mohammad Ali Park, Bose Pukursitala Mandir, and so is the famous festive celebrated places in Kolkata. Each place has its unique theme of the festival. People who are living in Kolkata must enjoy the themes and stalls which are arranged in the festive areas.


Mysore is also a famous place to celebrate the Navratri festival. Here Dothi with the long coat is the traditional dress for men. Mysori silk long Saree with zari work is dressed by the women with different wrapping style.

The main attraction in Mysore is the Mysore palace it is decorated with nearly one lacks of electric bulbs from 7 pm to 10 pm on all festival days. The goddess Shakti placed on the elephant and decorated with lights, flowers, and clothes very brightly. People did a torchlight parade along with the goddess idol it really brought the fame.

At all these places a lot of fun and enjoyment occur in stage performance and the traditional dance called Dandiya Raas. In festive time, especially at nights, ladies and gents must wear traditional dress and hold Dandiya sticks to participate in dance. All should visit goddess Shakti and pray for themselves later they enjoy with unlimited energy. If anyone wants to join in the festival must buy an entry ticket. Every place you observe entry fee with different costs. But the fun and entertainment will remains same as everywhere. So every visit these best places in Navratri festival.