Skin Care

Care your skin, Glow yourself!

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Skin Care

To look more beautiful and charming, it is essential to have a slight touch of make up. Make up means to bring some thing extra to our natural beauties. It is one of the ways we take care of our skin and keep up our beauty with the running age.

It is very essential to take care of our skin. To maintain skin humidity, to hide dark circles, to avoid wrinkles on face, to avoid sunburn skin we can use make up in different way. Make up hides the dark spots and wrinkles and gives a look of clear and younger skin.

In this blog we will be suggesting you the different methods of making skin glow. We together will discuss and find different products to be used and how to use according to the type of skin. We have major problem of pollution and due to that our skin gets effected. For this effected skin or we can say sunburn skin or wrinkles on the skin or pimples on the skin everything can be treated with make up. Here we can learn to tone our skin through cleansing, scrubbing, facial, packs and then finally using creams and foundation for touch up.

Now if we talk about our skin, we should know its complexion and its type. In India we are having major three complexion and that is fair, Wheaties and dark. Here we all know fair and dark type of skin but Wheaties majority in India and that is light brown skin. And we have major three types of skin and that is dry skin, oily skin and mixed type, In mix type T-Zone of the face is oily and other part is dry.

It is advised that GIRLS having dry skin should avoid hot shower for a long time. Hot water brings out all the oil content from the skin and makes the skin more dry. So it is better to use warm water instead of having hot water. A gentle cleanser or shower gel with moisturizer is good for the skin and using unscented mild soap cleanser are advisable. Moisturizing cream should be used to moist the skin.

Oily skin Girls should always use blotting sheets in your bag. They are advisable to use lukewarm water to clean their face as warm water removes the dirt and make the skin clear. They should use gentle facial cleanser twice a day, use a clay mask and apply an oil-free, mineral powder makeup base for the daytime. A light oil-free moisturizer is good for this type of skin.

Mixed type is the combination of dry skin and oily skin types. In this type of skin, we find different areas of the skin are dry and T-Zone (forehead, nose, and chin) are slightly oily. In this type of skin Girls should use gentle but effective water soluble cleanser. They should apply a hydrating and well formulated toner to nourish their skin.


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