Summer Wear

Summer heat is unbearable for us and if we need to attend to any gathering we definitely get confused about our clothing. Events are to be attended but to bear the strong heat of the sun would afraid us. And not only worries lies for special days but also during regular days it becomes a […]

Girl’s Ride!

In today’s day to day life, the two wheeler bikes, mopeds, scooter etc are more in demand for their easy using, easy parking and for comfortable riding. And its style and colors attracts the teenagers the most. As they grow old by 15 they are affectionate to bikes or mopeds. These days two wheeler demand […]

Fashion with comfort

Indian fashion began to actively absorb elements of Western dress. But somewhere our Indian touch is seen and this brings to a new fashion. Do you know how both touch are there in our fashion? Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Western designers enthusiastically incorporated traditional Indian crafts, textiles and techniques in their work at the […]

Nail Art

“Nail Art” many people have heard this name. This is the newest trend in nail polish. There are many styles in it. The latest is “Metallic Nails”. In Metallic Nails we need to first paste nail polish as well as do usually and then that metallic powder is been rubbed to give the effect of […]

Clutches & Evening Bags

One who has the passion of collecting unique purse knows very well about purses. Varieties of purses are available in the market each with different styles, colors, patterns, brands. Purse/bag like the cross body bag, the hobo bag, quilted, clutch, doctor, flap, tote, frame etc. are available in today’s trend. Clutch collection Among all these, […]