Celebrating Mother’s Day.

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Mother’s Day is a celebration to admire and honor our loving Mother, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in our society. It is celebrated throughout the world on various days. Most commonly it falls in the months of March or May. Mother’s Day is celebrated in more than 46 countries throughout the world.

God cannot be everywhere, so he made a ‘Mother’. He made her smile of the sunshine and molded her heart of pure gold. You can feel her love and kindness as she walks through life beside us. No one can ever replace a Mother and her unconditional love. Her love is very, very special as she is a gift from God. There are not enough words to describe a Mother. She spreads her joy and happiness in her warm and caring way. She is always patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking.

Celebrating Mother’s Day..

A Mother is someone who loves you and cares for you in every way. She’ll always listen to your dreams, challenge your fears, and take extra care for your feelings. The one who believes in you and encourages you to go ahead in life is a Mother. You will find no other best friend in this world. She knows you more than anyone does. She will teach you to have confidence in your ability and give you the needed strength. She’ll always be there for you. To hold you, inspire you, guide you, protect you, and love you with all her heart. Not just when you need it most, but everyday of her life, from your first breath till hers very last.

The constant sacrifice, effort and hard work she has bestowed upon us are beyond measure. She’ll change her jobs from a Mother to a Teacher, a nanny or a Nurse. Mothers have the magical touch and kiss to help us heal our wounds, whether physical or emotional. A Mother is someone who misses you when you are not around.

Celebrating Mother’s Day..[/caption]

Your smile makes her day a whole lot better. She is just a call away. Appreciate all her love and affection by saying thank you. Let her know how much you love her and care for her. For a Mother it is important just to be with you, to laugh, to remember, to enjoy and to share. Give her some of your time to make her feel special. Respect her, cherish her and love her with all your heart. In times of need, and in times of tears, in times of joy and in times of fears… a MOM is always there.


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