Chandeliers for modern home decor

Famous designers and lighting manufacturers prefer strass crystal glass for creating innovative composition in lighting like chandeliers, hanging lamps, decorative lightings, etc. Chandeliers are priceless treasure that can be handed down to next generation. Maintenance of these chandeliers is easy. Dusting with a dry cotton cloth piece is sufficient for a thin layer of dust. If house is closed or some construction is going on towards your house than it is covered with more dust which can be cleaned using lukewarm water with a little washing liquid.
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Crystal chandeliers are always meant for huge houses, museums, hotels, theaters to create a royal and luxurious look of the interior. But normally people have lessened the craze of chandelier as many light fixtures are available in the market which are more attractive and easily go with your interior.

Light fixtures can provide direct or indirect illumination. The form of distribution depends on the design of the fixture as well as its placement and orientation in a space.


Wall-mounted fixtures

It can be used independently and are designed to match and supplement chandeliers, to provide light in hall, bedroom or living room. They are available with a choice of incandescent, tungsten-halogen and energy efficient compact florescent bulb.

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Wall sconces

Sconces are lighting fixtures that attach to the wall rather than the ceiling. This add mood to a room and should be installed with dimmer switches to control the intensity of light. The hot light of wall scones combined with the cool lights of up lights, create beautiful balance of lighting. Up lights under plants throw light through the leaves gives natural shapes onto the ceiling. An up light placed on the floor between a piece of furniture and the wall creates a space that makes the room feel larger.

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Pendants are suspended for the ceiling over table, kitchen counters, or other work areas and can provide both task and general lighting. Pendant lights bring the source of illumination closer to where it’s needed and provide visual interest overhead. The use of dimmer control gives you the flexibility to vary to suit the occasion as well as to conserve energy and increase bulb life.

Portable lamps

Portable lamps can deliver general task and accent lighting, while giving you the flexibility to move the light whenever you want. These lamps are available with incandescent, tungsten-halogen, and energy efficient compact florescent bulb. Desk lamp, table lamps and floor lamps come in this category.

Track lighting

This is again flexible lighting system which can be moved, swivel, rotate and aim the individual fixtures in any direction along the track. A track lighting system serves as a room’s overall illumination system. Track lighting is flexible, allowing you to change the location and direction of the individual fixtures to suit any room arrangement. You can use chandeliers and pendants from the track. Track fixtures are available in standard low-voltage current.

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