Change – A part of life

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Every day we follow our daily routine, starting our morning with beautiful sunshine having a tea or coffee with breakfast, lunch at noon and dinner with the shining moon, doing the same chores every day. But do we have trouble following the same schedule? Everyone wants to change their life and want to get things done automatically. Taking rest or say a day off with all your duties will bring a change to restore your energy. WHY NOT? We are human beings and we need changes in our life. Changes are always been a part of life which provides more positive vision to live life. Changes are needed not only to get rest physically but also mentally. Sometimes outings, trips, movie and holiday freshen up our mood.

We have talked about just simple changes done to our routine life but what about the changes done in the society for a good future. Changes may be positive or negative but some circumstances of our life changes us. We are bound to change physically and mentally with the growing age and hormonal changes. But sometimes we get rigid with some things and can’t accept it or we can say that some rules and regulations are so strict to follow that we can’t overcome it. We feel guilty entire life if we break the rules of our patriarchy. But some rules are needed to be broken down to make life easy going. As we are going to live not the rules, and to live a happy life is our right.

External changes bring confidence in us and we can bravely handle all circumstances whereas internal changes bring changes in our feelings and emotions and may make us more strong and practical.Changes bring progress in our life When you feel your development is slow going and you are still away from your goals take a look back at how far you have come. Minor changes in your lifestyle and work style can give you your satisfied result.

Changes make us move ahead Sometimes the past can hold us back, but moving on is a slow and steady process that should be nurtured rather than rushed.

Changes make improvements Changes in our career or place or simple changes in our routine surely bring improvements and give better results than past.

Changes trigger new beginning. A change brings new beginnings and excitements in life.

Change is inevitable in life. Nowadays, even our world is changing and evolving so rapidly that one has to move and evolve with it. People should not be afraid of change. Changes keep away boredom from life. It makes your journey interesting and adventurous. Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is actually faced.


Trupti Bhatt

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