3 Layered Churma Barfi

3 layered Churma Barfi is the innovative modified recipe of Churma Ladoo. It is traditional dessert from Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is almost like Laddoo but its appearance vary and bring out a new one. Churma is crumbled sweet mixture made of wheat flour. This is renowned variety and a part of a relish Rajasthani dish dal-bati . Churma can be mold into round balls to make Churma Ladoo and this can be spread into greased plate to form Barfi. Here I had made sugar powder as a sandwich layer between two Churma layers and the 3 layered Churma Barfi gets ready.

This recipe is the oldest one and I personally tasted it first time from my grandmother’s hand and then my mom cook for me at every Ganesh Chaturthi. She sometimes added seasam seeds, poppy seeds or grated coconut in the Churma before forming the mixture into the layer. Also she added cardamom and nutmeg powder in the mixture. Here I had added cardamom powder. Let us check the recipe


1. 250gm Course Wheat flour
2. 200gm of Jaggery
3. 2tbsp Clarified butter
4. 2cup sugar powder
5. Oil for deep frying
6. ½ tsp of cardamom powder


1. Take wheat flour in a big mixing bowl
2. Add one tsp of clarified butter and mix well.
3. Knead the stiff dough using warm water.
4. Divide the dough into elongated shape and press it from your fingers to make a fist shape called muthiyas
5. Deep fry this muthiyas till it turns golden brown in color.
6. Take out the muthiyas and break it into pieces to get cool down.
7. Grind these pieces into the mixture and sieve it to get the uniform Churma powder.
8. Now grate the Jaggery in a bowl so that it easily gets melts.
9. Take a pan and heat one tbsp of clarified butter and add grated Jaggery into it.
10. As the Jaggery melts and slightly changes its color, add this mixture to the churma powder.
11. Add cardamom powder in it and mix all the ingredients well.
12. Grease a dish with clarified butter and spread half of the churma mixture to make a first layer.
13. Now spread sugar powder all over the first layer to form another white layer.
14. So the second layer is ready. Now spread remaining half churma mixture to make the last layer.
15. Sprinkle some almond fine slices or poppy seeds to decorate the sweet.
16. Also you can spread powder sugar to give a different look.
17. Let the sweet rest for 15 minutes and then cut into square pieces.
18. 3 layered Churma Barfi is ready to serve.

If you like the recipes then try it once. This is a easy recipe but its time consuming. But for a big festival you always give extra time and effort. So this is best for all the Laddoo lovers. Here you can adjust the sweetness with minimizing the quantity of Jaggery. As some are sweet lovers, and some are not.


1. Dough you knead should not be loose.
2. While deep frying muthiyas take care it does not get brown.
3. If you find that your muthiyas is not properly cooked from inside than after grinding it you can roast it in a pan for two minutes.
4. When you melt Jaggery it should not turn dark or else the barfi will turn hard.