Classic Bridal Hairstyle

Classic hairstyles add extra beauty to the bride and make her look more special among others. These hairstyles may also be used in other traditional functions or parties.

  • Simple Braided Bun: Comb your hair properly. Apply hair spray on your hair. Make a single pony at the top of your head. See that no hair is loose. Divide the pony in three parts and make a braid till the end. Secure it with a band. Turn your braid round and round and make a bun securing it with bobby pins. Simple braided bun is ready.
  • French Braid Bun: Part the hair down from the middle and section each side just behind the ears. French braid both the sections till the nape and secure with a band. Make a pony with both the braids and the remaining hair. Use a hair donut and start rolling your pony up to the band. Secure it with pins.

  • Flower Braid: Take some hair from the top of the head and start a three strand braid slightly to the right side of the middle. Secure it with a band. Pull on the edge of the braid on the outer side to create the petals of the flower. Roll the braid with the “petals” on the outside and secure it with pins. Now take some hair below the first braid slightly to the left of the first one and make a second three strand braid. Repeat the steps and roll it up and secure with bobby pins. Make a three strand braid with the rest of the hair slightly to the left of the second one and follow the same steps till you secure the end with a band. Then roll it up and secure it in place just behind the ear. Decorate each flower buns with accessories. Beautiful flower braid is ready.
  • Donut Bun : Remove all knots from your hair and apply serum on it. make partition off two 2 inch sections from near your left and right temples. Comb back the rest of your hairs and tie a pony tail a couple of inch above the nape of your neck. Insert the very end of the pony tail into the hair donut. Start rolling donut up to the length of pony tail. Pin your donut well and cover properly with your hairs. Now take the left section of hair cross it over the top of your bun and pin it under donut. Repeat same with right section hair and finally attach flowers accessories on one side of the bun.

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