Come back Maa…

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Tanya is a fashion designer, who is smart, sensible and kind. She is strong in her thoughts. Her love and dedication towards her work have made her accomplish her dreams. She shares a great bond with her mom. Tanya gets all the strength from her Mom. It is said that, ‘A Mother is a Daughter’s Best Friend’. Tanya’s Mom was more than a best friend to her. She was everything to her.

One day while Tanya was working at her boutique, she gets an emergency call. It was about her mother. She rushed to the hospital to see her mom. Her condition was very critical. It was very difficult for Tanya to see her mom in ICU. She has always seen her mom as a strong lady who overcame numerous troubles in her life and never complained or never got frustrated. Tanya’s mom was a role model for her, giving her the strength and courage to achieve her dreams. She was always supportive. And now to see her hospitalized, Tanya was feeling low. She was all alone.

Tanya was shocked to see Dr. Gautam coming out of the ICU as he was none other than Aditi’s brother. Tanya was Rishi’s cousin and was very attached to Aditi. Dr. Gautam calmed Tanya saying, “Your mom has a severe Heart Stroke and she is very critical. We need to operate her.” In spite of trying their best, they could not save Tanya’s mom. Tanya wept in tears and was heartbroken.

Aditi in no time was there to support Tanya. Aditi & Tanya were meeting after 2 years. But no one of them knew that they would meet under these circumstances. On seeing Aditi, Tanya hugged her and cried, “Maa…Please Come Back. Come back Maa, Please.” Aditi tried to calm her but it was all in vain. Tanya lost her mom, she was her whole family. She was feeling lonely as if everything had stopped. She was totally broken by this sudden loss of her Mom.

Aditi was by her side at all times, supporting her during this difficult situation. Extended family and friends visited Tanya to give her condolences but that only increased the pain. Losing a parent is extremely painful and to defeat such pain is not at all easy. It’s like losing a part of you.