Daddy’s Love: Straight from my Heart

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Father’s Day is always special to kids and specially daughters. On this special day, she gets a chance to express her feelings to her Dad. For me, this day was no less than a celebration. When I was little, I used to bring small gifts and pack it with love for him, make greetings for my dearest Dad and even plan small surprises for him. But as the time goes by, things do change, and the way to express the feelings also changes. Small gifts and cards do matter but emotions, respect, and love becomes more precious. I always looked for different ways to make my dad happy. He made me feel special always and I felt as if I was my Daddy’s Princess.

It has been seven years since my Dad passed away.  That was the worst day of my life when I got the shocking news. Only that glimpse is enough to bring tears into my eyes. He was a true gentlemen who knew how to love, care, and nurture daughters. Though he is far away from me but his admiration, his generosity, his sincerity, his kindness, and the very most his love is with me. Whenever I feel alone, I always find his presence in my dreams, he is always there to guide me, correct me, and inspire me. It’s difficult for me to express my feelings, but on this Father’s Day I want to share my feelings to everyone. I wrote few lines on Daddy’s Love….that comes straight from my heart.


Daddy the word is a world for me

Daddy’s love is unconditional to me

Daddy’s thoughts are an inspiration to me

Daddy himself is ideal for me.


Innocent I am is my Daddy’s coolness

Simple I am is my Daddy’s calmness

Caring I am is my Daddy’s attendance

Loving I am, is as my Daddy’s loveliness.


Those uneven dance moves,

Those unrhymed poetries,

Those imaginary bedtime stories,

Still is the part of my memories.


Every lesson you taught is known

Every sacrifices you have done is known

Every blessings you have showered is known

Only the way to thank you is not known


Thank you for being my closest friend

Thank you for giving me the correct guidance

Thank you for being my epitome

Thank you for being my DEAR FATHER.


Hard was the time when you left us

Words remained unspoken without your ears

Emptiness in life then felt appears

Naughtiness all turns into fears.


Tears laugh on my cries

When I turn pages of past beautiful lives

But when the sun rises bright

Your smiling face cheers my life.


Its really hard to lose your father who is your everything. He was always there to listen to me and show me the right path. He was there to support me, and love me immensely like no one did. This Father’s Day, I may not be able to give him my wishes but my prayers are always with him. He is in my memories and my dreams. He is in my thoughts and feelings. He is around me, he is in me. I wish I could tell him how much I Love him. I feel, all the daughters and sons might be able to relate with their Dad just the way I feel. The love between a Dad and his kid cant be measured. So for all the cool Daddy’s and their beautiful Princess and charming Prince…



Trupti Bhatt

Extremely enthusiastic about writing, reading, movies and food; though not necessarily in that order! A Feminist by choice and finds comfort in giving 'gyaan' from time to time. Would love constructive feedback on my writing as I am always looking for ways to improve!

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