Tips for Good Dental Hygiene

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Hello readers, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. Today I have a question for you? Will you guess the answer? What’s the first thing that attracts in a person with a glance, voice, or smile? Yes!!! Your guess is right; it’s our beautiful smile which gives a heart touching warmth feeling. Actions speak louder than words said by Jimmy Cliff, yes it is true, and a beautiful smile is good enough to express our feelings. So to have a beautiful smile the first thing we must have is good dental hygiene.

So lets see what is Dental Hygiene? What should be done to keep our teeth hygienic always? Dental Hygiene is nothing but germ free, healthy, and shining tooth. In olden days our ancestors were lucky enough because they are gifted everything from nature so exempted from tooth problems. But in today’s world 80% of the people are suffering from teeth related problems such as bleeding gums-blood comes out from the gums due to rough brushing, dental plaque-a thin transparent layer of bacteria formed on the teeth, cavities, toothaches, tooth sensitivity, bad breath.

Some of the general dental disease our teeth can suffer due to poor dental hygiene are as below:

Tartar – Tartar is the common problem seen in every older person and chances to every child not brushing teeth properly. Some calculus hard mineral when stick to the tooth and leads to turn color from white to pale yellow or brown in color results in plaque. This dental plaque can clean by dentist or can try to cure through homely remedies.

Cavities – Bacteria takes place when tooth are not brushed properly and plaque sticks to the tooth. These bacteria’s slowly demolishes the tooth enamel and form cavities. It is clearly seen in black color within the tooth. To stop bacteria further demolishing tooth it has to be seen to the dentist.

Tooth ache – Tooth ache is a pain felt in the tooth which is due to gum infections or tooth decay. Tooth cavities when formed it may reach to the nerves and causes pain. Tooth ache also occurs when tooth broken into chips due to calcium efficiency.

Bad breath – Bad breath occurs due to gum infections, remaining food debris which causes to improper cleaning of tooth and less water intake.

Tooth Sensitivity – Sensitive tooth is a common problem from every one in ten person. The uneven food habits like hot and cold food items, or drinks taken simultaneously one after the other. Tooth decay is also the main reason for sensitive tooth.

These dental diseases when not severe can be treated at home or in other way we can say proper home dental caring can avoid these type of problems. Earlier we were not having such tooth related problems as people lifestyle was fully naturistic and limited with proper timing. But today we have no fixed routine and we eat or chew in frequent intervals. This uneven eating habit leads to leave food debris in between the tooth which may cause many problems.

Earlier people used to chew the Neem twig at one end until it appears like a bristle and used as a toothbrush. The scientific studies tell us that the bitter taste of the Neem kills the bacteria and keeps the tooth healthy. Presently people are more dependent on fast foods with no eating schedule which disturbs the cleaning of tooth and indirectly affects their tooth. It is OK to eat the fast foods once in a while but people are making a habit of eating it daily. Every time its not possible to gargle or clean their mouth specially when they are somewhere out which results in one of the causes of tooth problems.

Healthy calcium rich food boosts strength to your teeth but not sugary stuff and fast foods. With the strength of your teeth, dental hygiene is also important. Here is the step by step procedure to maintain a hygienic tooth.

  1. The first step is to select a soft, flexible and good quality of toothbrush. Remember hard brush bristles may result in bleeding gums.
  2. The next thing is to choose toothpaste which consists of some natural ingredients instead of high chemical products because the chemicals in it damages the tooth and results in the tooth decay. The other thing a toothpaste should include is fluoride which helps prevent cavities and makes teeth stronger.
  3. After that, brush the tooth in a circular motion no more than two minutes which is always advised by the doctors so that the germs which are stuck in between the teeth will be cleared up easily and also removes the thin layer created on the tooth.
  4. Brushing twice a day is the best way to protect your tooth from bacteria and germs. Everyone has a habit of brushing in the morning but from today make a habit of brushing at night too because the food which is settled on the teeth after your dinner causes more bacteria and results in cavity.
  5. The foremost thing you have to do is to reduce the intake of sweets and chocolates daily. It’s the main thing that creates more fuss in your teeth.
  6. Floss your teeth to remove any food stuck between your teeth which can cause cavities.
  7. Use a mouth rinse to avoid bad smelling and kill germs.

After hygienic cleaning make a note of some homely remedies to keep the infection at the bay and it also helps in solving minor tooth problems. Let us see what can be helpful for our teeth:

  1. Clove oil is the best home medicine used to avoid the tooth pain if the pain is from tooth decay.
  2. Saline water can be used to gargle after brushing or can use ‘Listerine’ mouth wash to clean all the bacteria and lead to germ free tooth.
  3. Pale yellow tooth should be clean using pinch of salt with your toothbrush or only massage tooth with salt after brushing.
  4. Flossing habit is useful to bring out hidden food particles helps to keep our tooth clean.
  5. Tongue cleaning is necessary to stay away from bacteria.
  6. Caramel containing food should be minimize as it sticks to the tooth and not easily cleaned off.

These steps help to prevent from teeth related problems when it is in initial stage. If the problem is more complex then consult a dentist for a proper treatment. The dentists first clean the tooth in a professional way by treatments such as tooth scaling, tooth polishing, debridement for tartar followed by a fluoride treatment. If the teeth have a cavity at initial stage then cement is filled in it to expel from further damage. If it is at final stage then the root canal treatment must be performed. Root canal is a treatment which stops the tooth from the following damage instead of detaching. In some cases if the teeth are damaged completely then it will be removed and instead of that a cement tooth will be fixed.

So guys, beware of the food and water you take. Cut the problem at the roots and don’t make it extra large which results in a loss of teeth. So at this moment check your teeth whether any damage is occurred and consult the doctor as soon as possible.

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