Dignity and Respect: Every Woman’s Right

Day by day my anger is rising high for the world we are living in; especially for the country we are living in. The country of moral values, the country of brotherhood, the country of different religions, different cultures, varied ethics, a country where not just great warriors but ordinary persons has sacrificed their life for others. This divinity which we had earlier is lost somehow and is unbearable. How can we bear the cruelty of human which are crossing their limit each and every day?

From years we women are tangled with a whole lot of restrictions which we are forced to abide by. Time has changed now, and these limitations and boundaries on women have been narrowed but they are not ceased yet.

The theory I mean to explain would be difficult to understand by some people, as they might have not faced the troubles of limitations of a girl at every point. But there are still many houses which have made their own rules and regulations for the girls’ right from a very young age. Our culture has always taught us that we have to bind the family and forget every small deed which hurts our self-esteem. We often make up our mind that letting go would be the best to solve any future problems. Since childhood we all have heard that, ‘you have to forgive and forget’, as this is the best way to live a happy life. But does it mean that we have to suffer each and every time?

Right from a young age a girl has been imposed with constraints on her behavior. She has to learn to be polite and stay calm all the time unlike boys. She has to learn to eat, speak, talk, and wear the cloths how the society wants and not how she wants. Is there no freedom for the girls living in this country? Everyone must have heard people saying, “Laugh slowly, don’t make noise”, “Why are you in a hurry? Walk steadily”, “Speak politely and don’t shout.” WHY only a girl has to learn these etiquettes??

Teaching manners is different thing and ruining freedom is different. Excess limitations definitely will ruin the freedom and every girl will be in search for her freedom elsewhere. Either she might wait for the empty house to do what she wants or she might bury all her wishes and dreams into some corner of her heart which will never come out. She’ll just have a body without her soul. Why do we need to force such restrictions on anybody? Being protective is very good indeed, but being overprotective can cause increase in stress and anxiety in kids. Let them understand and feel what is good and what is not? Teach them the right from wrong. Let them take their own decisions and be independent. Leave it up to them and let them live their life without restrictions. Now-a-days they aren’t safe in outer world. At least make them live happily in their own home.

Each morning when we switch on the television and watch the news or read the news over the internet, very shameful and dreadful act shatters our heart. Young girls and women are harassed, abused, raped, and even killed. Many cases have been reported of small girls being raped. Women stay mum and face domestic violence throughout their life, which hurts them physically and psychologically. Sometimes back a small baby girl of just 8 months was brutally raped in the capital, the Manipur girl was 11 years old who was gang-raped and set on fire, and then the Kathua rape victim was just 8 year old. And the list is endless…I can only say that no girl or women regardless of her age are safe in India. Why these rape cases have increased in recent years? Today why people are not afraid of doing this shameful deed? Why they have lost all human morals and became an animal?

As parents we have taught all good ethics to our girls, and left the boys to enjoy the freedom. Don’t you think that restrictions should also followed by boys? Some extra care should be taken on their behavior. Why every time girls are questioned when she is just 5-10 mins late from her school, college, or workplace? Why the boys aren’t questioned when they come late at midnight after parties? Don’t you think the extra liberty given by their parents and gender inequality the prime reason for their misbehavior? Why parents are unable to understand their sons negative attitude and his negative thoughts. At some point, parents are at fault too, who are busy focusing on their respective jobs without spending time with their kids. What kind of culture is developing in the child is the responsibility of the parents.

As it is said, ‘Money can buy you everything but not happiness’. Blindly pampering and loving your child, and ignoring child’s misbehavior are the reason for the child to go on the wrong path. And gradually, it can lead to Bullying and Drug addiction. So, how to change bring change in them?  By teaching our boys, girls are no less than them. Teach them from the very beginning gender equality. Girls have the right to their own lives. Teach your boys to show respect to every girl, and it will start from you. Respect your mom, your sister, your wife, your daughter, your friend, and the boys will follow. Don’t abuse and harass her. Don’t raise your hand on her. Don’t take her granted and think she is weak. She is kind and polite, yet very strong.  Treat her with great respect and dignity, the way she should always be treated.

What are you teaching your boys today?

Share your thoughts and feelings about the changes each one of us must do to bring equality among girls and boys.