12 Best Home Remedies of Dry Ginger Powder

Dry Ginger is one of the most common herb that is used in cooking as well as making many medicines. It is also referred as sonth in Hindi. This is a hot tendency spice regularly used by the Indian in their day to day life. This is not only used to add taste in toffees and cookies or baked dishes but it does have many remedial properties. Pregnant woman and children suffering from cold are aware of this herb as this is very strong and pungent in taste which is used as a home remedy. Dry ginger also has many effective abilities to cure many diseases. It is normally used in home remedies with other ingredients to cure diseases. Let’s have a look on this:

1. Weight Loss: Dry ginger powder is taken with warm water to burn the fat of the body and thus it helps to reduce weight.
2. Helps in building strong immunity: Little amount of Jaggery and ¼ tsp of dried ginger powder is boiled with water. This water is taken early in the morning to build up strong immunity to the body.
3. Get relief from headache: Dry ginger powder paste is applied on the forehead to get relief from the pain. This paste is also applied on the neck to get relief from throat pain.
4. Get relief from gas: It is used to cure gastric troubles. It is added to the recipes like peanut balls, mango juice which are heavy to digest to get relief from gastric problems.
5. For Cough: One tsp of dried ginger powder is mixed with one tsp of honey and taken during night time for sound sleeping from sore throat and cough.
6. Winter Vasana’s: Vasana’s are specially winter made items made with some spice, dry fruits, flours and ayurvedic medicines to remain healthy whole year. This spice is more useful in this medicine like adadiya pak, fenugreek ball, gum balls etc.
7. Used in Herbal Kadha/Tea: Kadha is prepared using basil leaf, jaggery, black pepper, turmeric and most important is dried ginger powder with a pinch of salt. This dried ginger powder is necessarily used to get relief from cough.
8. Kept in Water Pot: A piece of dried ginger is kept in a pot and regular intake of this water keeps us away from cold and cough.
9. Useful in Joints Pain: Dry ginger powder is boiled with double the quantity of water and filled in a jar. This water is twice a day to get relief from joint pain.
10. Used during the due date of delivery: Dried ginger powder and jaggery are both hot in tendency. When the delivery time is near then the small balls are made combining both this ingredient and daily one small ball is given to the pregnant women till the baby is delivered.
11. In home-made medicine after delivery: Some homely medicines are made after the month of delivery. Dried ginger powder is a must in such medicine to clear the internal body and give strength to the body.
12. Menstrual Pain: As a home remedy one gram of dry ginger powder is taken during the three days of menstrual period to get relief from pain. Earlier sweet wheat flour sheera is made with jaggery and one gram of dry ginger powder was added to that. This was given to the woman during her meal to get relief from pain.

This spice is really beneficial to the body but it is always taken in less quantity. Prolonged usage can be harmful to the body so it is advised to take a break for sometime and then continue again as it is hot in tendency. It is advisable to use in winter, or for specific period of time as for the treatment of cold and cough.