5 Easy Jute Craft Ideas to Decorate Your Home

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Utilize your free time learning jute crafting. jute craft are easy to be done using less material. Jute rope is easily available in the market and if you don’t want to search you can order it from Amazon. Its price ranges between 200 to 500 Rupees, according to the length of the rope. Dye rope is also available but the natural looks arrive when you select the original one. Women when get bunch of jute ropes they immediately thought of making door mat. They are good enough in stitching and they stitch the rope circling all over and finish making door mat.

Door mat are quiet useful to make but we should go with the creative one. Where, we can find happiness in bringing something new to decorate our house. Varieties of home craft items are seen online and we can create lot may things. Thin ropes are easily stuck with the fevicol, so if you need to make wall craft then you can make it in two ways.

Jute Hanging

Firstly you can cut three circular cardboard with equal or in different size. Cut the same size of thick craft paper and cover the cardboard with the craft paper. Now applying fevicol you can stick jute thread in circular direction to cover the cardboard. Similarly cover the other two cardboard with jute rope. When full cardboard is covered with jute rope let it dry for one hour. Now apply decorative thread or lace on the back of the cardboard. Your jute hangings are ready. Decorate little more with mirror or pearl beads. It will look more attractive.

Jute Flower Pot

Take big earthen pot and clean it with cotton so no dust remains n it. Now take your adhesive on it. It would be better to apply glue at smaller area so glue does not get dry. First stick bottom line of the pot with jute rope properly. Now stuck the rope moving round and round on the pot. Now again apply adhesive to other part and similarly cover it with the rope. When your pot is fully covered with the jute rope let it gets dry for an hour. Here we get the simple jute rope pot. Now we have to decorate it with extra materials. You can apply pearl beads, lace on the top and bottom layer. You can stick mirror to it. Also jute rope braid can be useful to decorate it.

Jute wall Craft

Wall hangings can be easily made using different portrait. jute wall craft is one of the famous jute craft item. A thick cardboard is covered with a good painting with the help of thin layer of gum on its back side. Now cut the rope in different size according to the painting and stick it on the painting. It takes time but it looks amazing. The other and easy way is to cover the necessary border line with the rope and leave the internal part empty. It too looks good and less time consuming.

Jute Lamp Shade

Jute lamp shade can be made by covering lamp with jute rope. We can also make whole lamp post by using jute yarn. If your lamp gets old and you need to turn out it into new then try you’re crafting with jute yarn. Apply fevistick or fevicol on the lamp shade and before it gets dry cover it with jute rope. If your lamp stand is with attractive color and you don’t want to cover it then only cover the lamp portion. You can DIY your rope with contrast color and let it dry for two hours. Now cover the lamp shade with your DIY rope. Only attaching rope to the shade seems incomplete. You need something extra to bring it creative look.

Jute Coasters

Jute coasters are made by rotating jute yarn braid in a circular direction and stick it in a uniform size. It is easy to make but for more convenience use steel plate. Turn the plate and keep it on the floor. Now stick the edge of the rope with the glue in inward direction and continually rotate he rope. Here if we use the glue then there are the chances of sticking to the plate. If we will remove it by force then its finishing will not be good. So here sew the ropes using long needle.  Make a set of six pieces to look good on the dining table.

Besides this amazing crafting jute ropes are also used to frame the traditional chair and table which is found best sitting arrangements for lobby or garden area. Jute crafts also includes bottle coverings, jewelries, hand bag footwear. theses are mostly famous in North Indian region. cities like Jaipur, Udaipur, have a good collections of jute crafting items.


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