Ego kills a relationship

HOPE Changes Everything
PART 10: Ego kills a relationship

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“How beautiful were those days when Junaid was in deep love with me. Everyone admired us and blessed us. But now there is nothing like that. Neither does he love me anymore nor does he have any feelings left for me. Just because I gave birth to girls, I have become an awful shame to him and his family. My daughters and I have become trouble for him. For any mother daughters are not a burden, but they are for the family”, Razia

Razia could see that there is no love left between him and Junaid. She never thought that she will have to face such problem. Everything was getting lost. Only thing left was fear. Junaid relatives had created the dispute between the two. He started opposing Razia for each and everything. Junaid despite of loving husband turned to an egoistic creature. It is said that ego Kills a relationship is proved here.

Junaid was feeling lonely as his family was away from him. He was missing Razia, Tasneem & Heena. He was missing their love and affection. He thought, “What would I do without them? They are the only reason for my happiness. I think I am losing them all just because of a wrong hope.” He remembered how happy he was when he got married to Razia. They were called as the perfect couple. And when he heard Razia’s first pregnancy, he was overjoyed and was very much concerned about his wife and baby.

But, he lost all his excitements when Tasneem was born. And later when Razia was pregnant with her second kid, he wanted a son in any condition. He was disappointed on seeing Heena. All that anger and frustration of not having a son was seen in his behavior. He would always yell at his daughters and abuse with Razia. Though, the girls never complained about it thinking that he was tired of his work. And then everyone started humiliating him as he didn’t have any sons. His parents defamed Razia by saying, “again she will give birth to a girl, better to abort then to feel ashamed.” Junaid too felt that it was her fault so he didn’t want any more kid.

In no time a loving family, turned to a sad and deserted one. Here it is proved that Ego kills a Relationship. And that is what has happened with Junaid. His ego is ruining his life. Despite all this he doesn’t want to accept his mistake and let him down in front of Razia. Razia’s denial to abortion was the main reason behind Junaid’s cruel behavior. Junaid thought, “It’s impossible to survive without me. Let me see, how many days her friends help her with bard & shelter. She has to come back to me.” But this time Razia was badly hurt. In no case, she wanted to go back with him. She decided to stand on her own feet. She wanted to live again.