Feeling Disappointed.

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Razia was trying her best to make Junaid understand the depth of their relationship. But Junaid wasn’t keen to realize, and desired that his wish and demands should be fulfilled by Razia. He said, “You have done a big mistake which can’t be forgiven. You are my wife and you have to do what I say. You have to live on my conditions and it’s your duty to keep me happy in all circumstances.”

Razia again requested him to understand. But Razia’s request’s and her feelings had no impact on Junaid. He said angrily, “Enough Razia. I don’t want to hear anything. If you can live all by yourself, then you can live without me. Now you are good enough to manage everything on your own.” Razia said in a tired voice, “But I love you and I need you. Our daughters need you.”

Junaid replied, “Yes, you need me, as you are aware, that it’s not easy to survive without me. Who is going to help you and for how long? Your friends who are supporting you right now and who have brainwashed you? No, nobody will help you after some days. And then one day you have to come to me, not because you love me, just because you will need money to fulfill your basic needs. You can never do anything good in your life. As you have ruined my life, you will ruin your daughter’s life too.”

This was unbearable for Razia. She strongly asked him once again; “Are you ready to accept this baby and take our responsibility?” Junaid did not answer her and left the cafe. Razia was expecting the same from him. She wasn’t unknown to his behavior, but just wanted to take a chance for her kids. She wanted to give a final try before coming to any conclusion. This made Razia stronger on her decision to keep the baby.

Gautam had heard all the talk between the two. He took Razia back to Mayra’s house, where everyone was waiting for them to return. They were eager to know what happened at the cafe. But when Gautam disclosed the conversation in front of them, all were disappointed then.

They all knew that Junaid was not that easy to convince. Now, they had to go for the next move. And that was, to make Razia independent. She became mentally strong as she had the total responsibility of her daughters. She decided to stand on her feet and earn a living. “One day I’ll prove that I can take good care of my kids and that too without his help. No matter whatever happens, I won’t plead him. I’ll never go back.” said Razia. That day everyone encouraged her.


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