Feeling Mediocre

HOPE Changes Everything

Razia was none other than Aditi’s classmate. During school days, they were not very close to each other. Razia was shy and reserved in nature where as Aditi was calm but friendly. Razia never shared her feelings and thoughts with any of her friends. May be that was the reason she had less friends. She never participated in any of school events, nor did she go to any school trips. As they were in same class for many years, they knew each other. But from long time, they weren’t in touch with each other as both were in different fields of education. Razia had hardly completed her college due to family issues while Aditi was studying MBBS.

They both were destined to meet after such a long time. Unknowingly Razia came to Aditi’s clinic. On looking at Aditi, she realized that she had lost the most beautiful days of her life just fulfilling her parents’ wishes. She was feeling ashamed of herself on seeing Aditi. Aditi fulfilled her dreams of becoming a doctor and she; she was just passing her life inside the four walls of the house, doing nothing. She couldn’t complete her education. She never had the courage to stand against her parent’s desires. No job no other activities. At very young age she was married to her uncle’s son Junaid.

She married in difficult circumstances. Razia could hardly complete her BCOM as her family member’s were against her studies. They were less interested in girl’s education thinking it was useless. All they wanted was that Razia should learn all the household chores so that she could look after the house. Razia’s Dad said in a firm voice, “No need to go to college any more. You have studied enough. Stay at home and learn cooking and cleaning. It will be helpful to you once you get married.” From that day on, she didn’t go to college. She left her education and stayed home.

They believed that if Razia studies well, then it would be hard to find appropriate life partner. Her dreams, her freedom, her joy, everything was snatched in no time. Razia was in such a situation where she couldn’t take a stand for herself. She was forced to marry her own cousin. Her mom too wasn’t supporting her at that difficult time. Razia was all alone. She had no choice left then to sacrifice her life and fulfill her parents wish.

On seeing Aditi, Razia thought, “How lucky Aditi is, she could accomplish her goal, she became a doctor. And me, I got so busy looking after my family that I never got a chance to think beyond that.”