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Friendship day was celebrated in a large number of countries including India. This is a very famous and the most important festival for all friends. The friendship day celebrations take place in August on the first Sunday of every year. This is the most precious day for all friends to recall their friends and spend some time with each other. friendship day is to  express your love and care to your friends. On this occasion, friends should exchange gifts, greeting cards, and mostly friendship day bands which could be wearing at the wrist.

The friendship day was declared by the general assembly of the United Nations in the year 1958 on July 30th as international friendship day. However, most of the countries and India celebrate this day only on the first Sunday in August. in a running time of our lifestyle we just remember our friends and greet them is also most important. friends are always there to cheer up us and bring smile on our face.

In life, everyone meets lots of people but some of them are too close to heart and those are friends. Without a friend, there is no person in the world. From our childhood life to college life we share and spend our life with friends. In schools and colleges, we have number friends but after completion of studies, we just remain with some friends only those are called best friends and also blood friends.

Those best friends stay with our lifetime. Everyone should need that best friend in life. They only understand our problems and situation than family. Make any help for us without considering risks or problems because of that we must celebrate friendship day once in the year and honor our friends.

We must celebrate friendship day in various ways with different ideas. Here you can observe some most important ways to celebrate friendship day with friends:

Plan a Trip with the Gang:

Going out like a trip is a marvelous thought to spend more time with friends. You have a lot of enjoyment in those special trips. So inform all your friends before when was the day coming soon. Take confirmation from your friends and make that day as most memorable.

Movie Plan:

Give a surprise to your friends by booking movie tickets. You have more fun in movies with friends. Search for the movies whether there are any new releases on that day otherwise book tickets for any other movie. Actually, no matter what movie it is, you will definitely be enjoying the movie with your friends around you.
Movie plan is an awesome idea so invite your friends and give surprise to them.

Arrange Party:

Make arrangements for a party at some special place. It is not a bad idea you must earn some free space and enjoyment also. You can arrange parties after your college’s times or office times so that you did not disturb any one’s day. Everyone will enjoy the party by eating and drinking and also chit-chatting with all friends. You can also add speakers then share steps also.

Prepare Photo Frames:

Collect your old and new photos and turn those as beautiful collages. That photo remains you the school days and colleges days and you just go back to the past. Photos are really useful and needful in life because those are memories for our past life. So make pictures collage frame and present it to your friend on friendship day and be a reason for their happiness.

Make Friendship Day Cards:

Prepare friendship day cards as your thoughts and impress your friends on friendship day. This idea will definitely work because your friends realize one thing while they seeing the card that you love your friend as most. You must have creative at that time to show your affection and love to your friends.

Make Videos:

Collect funny and loved pictures from your past and make a video with a suitable background song. Search song from the internet to download and add to your collection. Prepare to add perfectly and share that to your loved friend and make them feel loved.

Present Gifts:

Buy gifts for your friends which they love most like teddy bears, watches, and etc. No matter it is expensive or not it just shows you’re towards that person. On friendship day meet your friends and tie friendship day band later present the gift which you buy and make them happy.

Surely friendship day is needed because now a day’s everyone busy with their life’s only they live with their work and spend a lot of time in front of mobile phones, laptops, and other electrical devices. So we need time spent with family and friends at least once in the year. Families meetings are done definitely because you should want to attend some family functions so that you can meet family members. But friends are not like that they also have a busy life like you so you can meet at least once in the year. So stay free from all your busy life on friendship day to spend more time with your friends and enjoy with them.

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