Get the Perfect Smokey Eyes

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Make up when done perfectly, boosts your beauty. But when there is minor sign of imperfection than it may lose the charm of your look. When you meet someone, your eye and facial expressions provide your emotional information. And if you don’t have that perfect look, you may not be able to present yourself. Any small mistakes in doing your eye makeup are commonly noticed. Right use of concealer, eyeliner and eye shadow will make you look prettier and charming. It will help you increase your confidence and enhance your beauty.

How to get the perfect Smokey eye shadow.

    • Before starting your make up you should first shape your eyebrow. Believe it or not, your eyebrows are the most important feature of your face. Never step out of your house without filling in your brows.
    • Apply primer on your eye lid with the concealer brush. Primer will help your make up stay longer.
    • Then apply concealer on your eyelid and under your eyes. Applying primer and concealer around your eyes will even out fine lines and any discoloration.
    • Now choose your colors. Apply dark color at the base and lighter on the top. A neutral gold eye shadow in the inner corners of your eye, make your eyes look bigger and more awake.
    • Use a domed eye shadow brush to get the best results. Hold your brush properly so your eye shadow can easily be applicable without leaving spots.
    • Blend the colors at middle for smudged and Smokey eyes. You also can apply eye shadow using three color shades: dark, medium and light. Proper blending brings proper shade of the color.

Choosing the right eye shadow for your eyes will give you a flawless look.

Dark Brown/ Black Eyes: Any color of eye shadow works for brown and black eyes. You can match your eye shadow with your favorite party wear or according to season. Shades of brown, olive, green, gold, and pink, match great with brown eyes.

Blue Eyes: Natural colors such as gray and brown work well. Apply softer shades to get the shine in the eyes.

Green Eyes: Green eyes are naturally bright so colors like shades of brown give it a natural look. You can also wear peach, plum, burgundy, and maroon.

Hazel Eyes: You can try different eye shadows with hazel eyes. Neutral shades of brown, green and gold looks great on hazel eyes.

These days Smokey eyes are in trend. To get the Smokey eyes look, you can use three different shades of colors. Some who are used to it, also try with two shades which gets the perfect Smokey eyes with proper blending. The classic Smokey eyes are created using black or gray shades. Use of Gray and plum shades, Gold or Copper, Bronze and Brown are commonly used eye shadow colors used for Smokey eye makeup.

To get the perfect Smokey eyes, loose powder gives you the best blending ability. Then using a black eye liner, highlight your eyes. You can either use a pencil, cream or a liquid eye liner. Complete your Smokey eye shadow with two coats of massacre to get thick dark eye lashes. Do try eye make-up looking to Bollywood divas. Practice will give you perfect shades. We have seen leading actresses like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra, Sandra Bullock, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker to name a few, using black and grey Smokey eyes make up with nude lips. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is also seen wearing Smokey eye shadow with just lip gloss. All women are born beautiful, but just a little touch of make up will make them feel powerful and confident.

Love Yourself, because You’re beautiful.


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