‘Ghar ki Murgi’- A short film by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari

Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari’s short film “Ghar ki Murgi” is a real story of millions of women’s who are the real backbone of the family who work hard to bind the family in one bond. Everyone is free to live their life in their way, but the women choose her to keep their family happy. Every single minute she thinks and juggles for her family.

Women starts her work from sunshine to late sleeping time serving best to her family and parallel manages to do something extra for her family. Something extra means any job or household other activities or social engagements etc. This includes everything from tea-coffee, lunch, dinner, washing, cleaning, medications, billing, tuition, etc. The same is penned down by Nitesh Tiwari where he put forward the issue of unpaid job of a woman as a homemaker without any reward.

In ‘Ghar ki Murgi’ Sakshi Tanwar is playing a role of Seema Bhatia who is a mother of two living with in-laws, who very well manages her household chores with her beauty salon. She takes care of her children’s studies, in-laws medicines, and just run after everyone needs. But when she realizes that she had served her best, but still there is no one to notice it and feels worth of her work. She gets hurt and decides to go for a leave.

Again, leave is not that easy for a homemaker, but she planned and arranges a trip to ‘Goa’ for a month. Her family gets worried, who will complete their everyday task. They sit and calculates how they are going to manage their house without Seema. They realize that how much She work whole day. The end is shown too beautifully and touchy as Seema take a leave from home for a month of vacation, but within a couple of minutes she returns back. Her love for family is much greater than her desires, ego and self respect.

An eye opening story of women who surrender herself towards her family needs and wants nothing in return, just to get noticed by her family members is a great achievement for her. This short story of 17 minutes touches everyone’s heart and got more views, likes and shares in a short period of time.