Girl’s Ride!

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In today’s day to day life, the two wheeler bikes, mopeds, scooter etc are more in demand for their easy using, easy parking and for comfortable riding. And its style and colors attracts the teenagers the most. As they grow old by 15 they are affectionate to bikes or mopeds.

These days two wheeler demand is more in college girls and why not they have to attend their college, coaching, etc at a distance of time and in short period. First it was having the trend of cycling and ‘Lady Bird” cycle was favorite one among all others. But those days are gone. If we look in past, then cycling was a good exercise and best for transport for teenagers. Now cycle is used only for the children below18 for their tuition’s or for playing.

Two wheeler markets in India is the fastest growing market. All the Automobiles industries are interested in gear less bikes targeting girls and Indian roads. They have a tough competition among them. Light stylish vehicle with good mileage is in demand among girls. Many two Wheeler’s upcoming models for girls are Scooty Teenz, Honda Aviator, Scooty Pep+, Bajaj krystal, TVS Streak. Also there are Honda Activa, Suzuki Access, Yamaha Ray and Hero Honda Pleasure running these days.

Girls On Wheel

Scooty Teenz this is the lowest height two wheeler vehicles with 82 kg weight. It is having small tyres which provide average balance. It is having a stylish design and different colors.
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Scooty Pep+ is popular among working women and girls. It is a low height vehicle with 95 kg weight, and it provides better mileage than other TVS products.

Bajaj Krystal is specially designed for teenage girls. It is having a good luggage space for shopping and keeping helmet.
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The latest model of gearless two wheeler vehicle from automobile giant of Japan is Honda Aviator. Honda Aviator delivers gives good mileage about 40 to 45 kilometers per liter. This is the lowest bike with 102 kg of kerbed weight. It gives a comfortable ride.

Hero Honda Pleasure is again a low weight vehicle with 104 kg weight. It gives mileage about 35-45 kilometers per liter.

Kinetic Flyte is launched into Indian Market by Mahindra. It is also a low height vehicle with 10 kg weight. It also gives mileage between 35-45 kmpl.

Suzuki Access is a midsized scooter designed specifically for Indian market. It is having 109 kg of its weight with five different colors.