Grandparents play a vital role in teaching the Cultural Heritage to Us!!

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When we discuss our Grandparents role, their unconditional and immeasurable love, affection and kindness are remembered. Grandparents teaches Cultural Heritage to their next generations to follow back their traditions. Their teachings and positive views towards living life are remarkable. All Grandparents creates rules and regulations in the family which are necessary. They are experienced people and have seen more life than us. They toughly and sincerely tackle every situation in their life. They can be our best guides to guide us in the tough path of our life.

We all in our past have heard different stories from our elders, especially grandma or grandpa. Some for fun and some are real historic related to our origin. They share a lot of stories about our cultures and traditions which are unknown to us. We have an emotional bonding towards them. We are bestowed with their love, care and affection on us. Every family has their history which goes on with different generations. So it can be said that grandparents are the only ones to give knowledge of our cultural heritage.

Our Grandparents teaches Cultural Heritage. It is the intangible attributes and inheritance of physical artifacts of a society which are collected from past. It includes buildings, books, landscapes, monuments, arts, and artifacts. Intangible attributes mean traditions, languages, knowledge, and also morals.

Normally we are more interested in learning our family history from where we gain more knowledge and have faith in ourselves. We all have knowledge of Evil powers and God powers through that we can survive in our life. To go with good spirit is rooted from our elders.

We have a lot to learn from our past generations which consists of faith, trust, love and care. Also perfect relation, good, bad, evil minds almost everything. There are many books to refer. Internet also plays an important role in giving us a deep knowledge of many subjects. But those are not equal to our grandparent’s explanation. It’s like; only the mother tongue can share the perfect knowledge which brings mental strength to our mind. They make us ready to face every situation.

The major thing which comes between us and our grandparents is a ‘generation gap’. They are strict with their rules which we could not easily accept it.  Our digital lifestyle is also unacceptable by them. If our loving and caring relationship is equal on both the sides, we can give respect to their feelings and appreciate their concern towards us.

In some cases, it is possible that we don’t have them with us, but to be with them is a boon to us. This healthy and pure environment is based on our parents. First, they have a strong relationship with their parents and the same will reflect on us. If your parents have no strong bond with their parents, than the possibility arises that we also don’t get bonded with our parents. But mostly grandparents have the love for their grandchildren and they can’t see any of them facing problems.

They are the ones who can guide proper time management, good behavior, guest-hosting, respect, social relation. Also budget fixing, positive attitude, build mental strength. Sometimes they also teach us to stand against wrong. They take us near to nature by explaining the importance of natural things. We didn’t calculate their knowledge and experience. They know many things about life, society, family, and culture. We have to try to learn those good things and do-follow.

We want their blessings to live happily in life and live healthy in society. They show the way which we want to follow without any obstructions. The knowledge which we gain from our grandparents will help so ‘Be happy and make them happy.

We must make a friendly and healthy bond with them. In recent days we can observe many old age homes which feels very sad. The one who love and care their family has no place in their own home. When they need us we could not spend time with them. This is not the right as they are our foundation. They are great gift to us so treat them very nicely and show love towards them.


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